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Are Dannielle and Garrick Still Together? Seeking Sister Wife Journey!

Even though monogamy is the standard practice in most parts of the world in this day and age, there are still some couples that are interested in investigating polygamy and the difficulties that come along with it.

The reality television show “Seeking Sister Wife” on TLC follows heterosexual couples that are interested in the concept of having numerous wives.

As a natural consequence of the fact that the behavior is prohibited in the vast majority of locations, individuals are forced to resort to a variety of creative workarounds in order to have a second partner.

Despite this, it continues to make for intriguing television because of its unique way of life, which thoroughly captures the attention of the audience.

The marriage between Dannielle Merrifield and Garrick Merrifield lasted almost a decade and a half. Despite this, Garrick was interested in pursuing polygamy because he believed it would help him feel more connected to God.

Therefore, in order for Garrick to start a new family with his new partner, he had to end his marriage to his long-term spouse. In addition, viewers witnessed Dannielle’s outward display of distress as a direct result of her divorce and the introduction of a third partner, Roberta.

Fans are curious as to whether or not the pair have reconciled following the finalization of the divorce. We are here with the solutions you seek!

Dannielle and Garrick: Seeking Sister Wife Journey

When Dannielle and Garrick were first shown together on the television show, they had already begun the process of trying to start a family with a child of their own. In the past, Garrick and Dannielle had always maintained a monogamous relationship.

They had been married for around 13 years at the time, and they were content with one another.

In spite of the fact that court documents reveal that both Dannielle and Garrick faced challenging circumstances, including the filing of a bankruptcy petition in 2014, they were successful in maintaining their marriage.

Over the course of their time together, the two would eventually have two sons named Geremiah and Solomon.

The concept of polygamy was initially conceived by Garrick, who was under the impression that adding another wife would help him feel more connected to God. He broached the subject with Dannielle, who expressed some apprehension but ultimately agreed to go forward with his plan.

After getting to know Roberta, the couple made several attempts to bring her to the United States on a tourist visa. However, it was turned down, and both sides eventually agreed to meet in Cabo, Mexico, to discuss the matter.

Once they arrived in Mexico, Garrick fell in love at first sight with Roberta, who quickly became fairly familiar to him. During the vacation, Roberta and Garrick became romantically involved, and Garrick even proposed to her. Roberta said yes.

Unfortuitously, this meant that Roberta needed to travel to the United States on a K-1 visa, which was not possible for as long as Garrick and Dannielle were married to each other. On the other hand, Dannielle appeared to be experiencing strong feelings of sadness and anguish in response to the ongoing events.

Despite the fact that she had previously expressed support for the practice of polygamy, Dannielle appeared to feel offended when she observed Garrick engaging in sexual activity with another woman.

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Despite this, Dannielle and Garrick decided to end their marriage in order to get Roberta’s visa approved and incorporate her into the family.

It was obvious how much of an impact the divorce had on Dannielle, despite the fact that Garrick seemed unfazed by it and was looking forward to his approaching wedding.

When Garrick and Roberta went to Mexico for a second time, Garrick broke the news to Dannielle that he and Roberta were going to try to have a child before getting married.
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This caused another hiccup in the relationship between Garrick and Dannielle.

He stated that delaying the decision until after their wedding would be challenging due to the fact that the Covid-19 scenario had made everything uncertain. Even though she agreed with the choice, it was obvious that Dannielle was suffering as a result of it.

Because Dannielle was feeling uneasy about the polygamy arrangement and experiencing a great deal of mental distress, it appeared as though the relationship between the two people was doomed to fail.

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Is Dannielle Still Seeing Garrick After All These Years?

Even despite all of the hiccups in their romance, Dannielle and Garrick do appear to be back together, which comes as a pleasant surprise.

Following the broadcast of the divorce on the show, there were rumors that the couple had ended their relationship.
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Garrick was criticized heavily for the manner in which he handled his ex-wife, and rightfully so.

Due to the fact that all three members have chosen to keep the details of their personal lives private, various rumors have circulated suggesting that Dannielle has moved on romantically with another man.


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Furthermore, a picture that Dannielle put on her Instagram hinted at a new relationship, which helped to further spread the allegations.


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