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Due to an Internet Outage, Classes Have Been Cancelled in Yet Another Nj School District.

On Monday, classes were dismissed early at both the Secaucus and Jersey City campuses of the Hudson County Schools of Technology due to an issue with “internal servers.”

The school sent out an email to pupils and parents explaining the situation. Neither the school’s website nor any of its social media accounts made any note of the outage on Tuesday morning.

Classes resumed on Tuesday with early dismissal, according to a spokesperson for the school, Darson Hover. IT staff are currently investigating the source of the outage.
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The district hopes to restore service to its network “soon.”

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Hover added that because of the power loss, teachers and staff were given yesterday and today off from school.

This is the second New Jersey school district to have internet problems within the past week.

Since “an unauthorized third party” disrupted the school district’s internet, classes in the Monroe Township school district of Gloucester County were canceled for three days.

On Friday, school resumed, but the district still had not addressed the internet outage.

The Importance of the Network

With the widespread adoption of laptops and the ability to display videos, the internet has quickly become an integral aspect of the modern classroom.

However, Brick schools superintendent Thomas Farrell stated that despite the importance of the internet and wireless to education, a similar incident would not likely result in a cancellation of classes in his district.

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Farrell reassured parents that classes would go on as scheduled since they had a contingency plan in place for times when they needed access to printed materials.

Although this is not an ideal or suitable setting for 21st-century learning, we would make do because face-to-face instruction remains the most effective method, regardless of the availability of modern technological aids.

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During the epidemic, Central Regional superintendent Tommy Parlapanides saw an uptick in the use of laptops and Apple devices, highlighting the internet’s significance in the classroom. Whiteboards and other forms of interactivity are standard in the district’s classrooms.
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Parlapanides added that his district quadrupled its internet capacity during and after the outbreak so that students may “experience” the Battle of Gettysburg by pulling up a video from the movie Gettysburg.


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