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Classes Have Been Canceled in Yet Another Nj School District Because of An Internet Outage!

There is a problem with “internal servers” at the New Jersey COA made classes end early on Monday at the Hudson County Schools of Technology in Secaucus and Jersey City.

By email, the district told students and parents about the problem.
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The school’s website was down early Tuesday morning, but there was no mention on the school’s social media.

A spokeswoman, Darson Hover, said that classes were back in session on Tuesday, but that students were getting out of school early so that IT workers could figure out what caused the outage. The district expects that its network will be back up “soon.”

“The district sent students home early yesterday and today so that teachers and staff have time to change their lesson plans to account for the outage,” Hover said. It’s the second school district in New Jersey to have had an internet problem in the last week. Classes were canceled for three days in the Monroe Township school district in Gloucester County because “an unauthorized third party” messed with the school’s internet.

Friday was the first day back in class, but the district did not offer any more information about the internet problem. The internet has become an important part of classroom life, with students using laptops and teachers being able to show videos.

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Superintendent of Brick Schools Thomas Farrell said that while the internet and wireless are important tools for teaching, a similar problem is not likely to cancel classes in his district.

“We wouldn’t cancel school because we have a backup plan for just that situation where we would use print resources,” Farrell said. “This is not the best situation or environment for learning in the 21st century, but we would make do because learning in person is still the best way to go, even if technology helps.”

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During the pandemic, more laptops and Apple devices were being used, which showed how important the internet is in the classroom, according to Central Regional superintendent Tommy Parlapanides. All of the classrooms in the district have whiteboards and other interactive tools.

“If you want to see the Battle of Gettysburg, you can bring up a video of the movie Gettysburg,” Perlapines said.
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He also said that his district doubled its internet capacity during and after the pandemic.


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