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HomenewsSusie Christie, Cousin of Chris During Meltdown, Shannon Epstein Spewed Racial Insults

Susie Christie, Cousin of Chris During Meltdown, Shannon Epstein Spewed Racial Insults

According to records obtained by The Post, Shannon Epstein, niece of Chris Christie, had a meltdown aboard a Spirit Airlines flight on Thanksgiving day and hurled racial obscenities at several passengers.

After her violent arrest at the New Orleans airport on the morning of November 24 at around 6:00 a.m., Epstein, 25, was hit with many charges. She allegedly spit and bit six police officers while demanding to be recognised.

The arrest documents stated that a supervisor for Spirit Airlines notified responding police that Epstein was “asking Hispanic families if they were smuggling cocaine.” This caused the jet to turn around and return to the gate it had just left.

Chris Christie’s niece Shannon Epstein hurled racial slurs during meltdown

The New Jersey native and current New Orleans resident, Epstein, was reported to the police for using a “guttural term,” however the agent who reported it did not clarify what word Epstein had used.

She caused a 22-minute delay in the departure of a flight from New Orleans, Louisiana to New Jersey, which was scheduled to take off at 5:35 a.m., according to the report filed by police. While being escorted off the plane, Epstein got into an argument with the police in the jetway.

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After being taken from the plane, Epstein fought off authorities and “had white froth coming from the sides of her mouth,” according to police documents.

“Have you heard of me before? I’m the daughter of Chris Christie, and you have my sincere f—ing apologies. This s— will get you fired from your work. I know Donald Trump, she yelled to the policemen who were about to arrest her.

The police think her actions indicate she was under the influence of drink or narcotics. The ex-niece governor’s also claimed homophobia on the part of the cops in her tirade.

Chris Christie’s niece Shannon Epstein hurled racial slurs during meltdownu two will be behind bars by tomorrow at this time. Oh my god, what have I done? It’s official: I identify as a lesbian. Have we reached final conclusion? Have you thought of putting your d-k in me?
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Okay, that settles everything, doesn’t it. You mean to tell me that’s the point? I take it you want to shove your d—k down my gullet. She scolded, “You idiot, you’re so f—-ed.”

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Six counts of battery on police officer, three counts of disturbing the peace, one count of resisting arrest by force, and one case of remaining after forbidden were filed against Epstein. After posting more than $10,000 in bail, she was released from jail on Thanksgiving Day. The Post has sought comment from both Christie and Epstein without receiving a response.


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