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Was It an Earthquake I Felt in New Jersey?

The United States Geological Survey did not record an earthquake in New Jersey on Monday; however, a considerable number of local individuals reported feeling a tremor in the ground.

Individuals from Ocean, Cumberland, and Cape May Counties started sharing their observations just before one in the afternoon.

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The sound was described by one Rio Grande resident as “a rumble in the distance, and our building vibrated in a way that was unexpected.”

Others have used the word “soft shaking” in their writing. One more individual offered their opinion, stating that the motion was “complex and difficult to describe.”

The Cape May Court House has issued a report in which it states that “After the earthquake, the whole house was rocked to its foundations and continued to tremble for a few seconds.

The fact that the Garden State Parkway is at the end of my street led me to believe that it could have been a large vehicle at first, but once it happened a second time, I abandoned that theory.”

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According to the statement of one resident in South Seaville, their house “experienced a strong quake for three seconds and then again five minutes later, again for three seconds.”


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