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DroidKit: Detailed Instructions to Circumvent Factory Reset Protection

Recently, we discussed iMobie’s DroidKit, an app meant to circumvent Android’s factory reset protection in order to restore phones locked out of Google accounts. That, along with a multitude of additional solutions.

DroidKit is indeed designed to assist Android users with issues like as screen unlock, FRP bypass, data recovery, and system repair. In this piece, we will examine the desktop programme and its operation in further detail.

Head Over to iMobie

You must first download the iMobie desktop application. DroidKit is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. DroidKit should then be installed by utilising your operating system’s typical procedures for adding software to your computer.

Launch DroidKit when installation is complete. Here, you will be greeted by the application’s initial home page. There are other options available, but in this case we want the FRP Bypass option on the bottom-left corner.

Recovery Mode Is Needed

Once the FRP wizard appears, we only need to follow its instructions. iMobie has done an excellent job by providing consumers with an educational and well-organized site. You basically can’t mess this up if you follow the steps, but we’ll detail them nonetheless.

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The initial screen provides basic information regarding supported devices and what to expect. You must next connect your Samsung gadget that requires customization to a computer. If your device is not recognised, DroidKit will notify you.

The software package will then generate a configuration file unique to your handset. This may take a minute, but a clever progress metre indicates the condition. After the configuration file has been generated, a confirmation window appears; click Start to continue.

This is the most difficult stage throughout the entire bypass. Now, you must manually enter Recovery Mode on your Samsung. First, you will completely power down the phone. Finally, using the correct key combination while restarting the device should allow access to this hidden Android menu. Recovery Mode key combinations vary slightly depending on the device, however DroidKit lists them in the tabs at the top of this page.

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Wipe and Bypass is Next

DroidKit has led you to the hidden menu of Android Recovery Mode; a complete device wipe is now required. Choose Clean Cache Partition from the Recovery menu and confirm by hitting the Power button.

This will completely erase all data from your device. The phone will be totally erased and formatted. The reset will take a few moments, but once complete, you will be able to proceed with the bypass.

The DroidKit wizard will guide you through the remaining stages for locating and identifying the Android version currently installed on your phone. Once that is determined, you click “Download Now” to initiate the bypass procedure.

If you haven’t previously, connect your phone to your computer through USB. The Recovery menu will then prompt you to delete the cache sector and reboot. Follow the instructions on DroidKit upon reboot to initiate the initial startup process on your Samsung device.

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Click the “Send Notification” button on DroidKit to conclude. A pop-up will request confirmation; click “Yes.” This will send your Samsung to the manufacturer

device directly to the Google Play Store in order to get the Alliance Shield X application. Complete the remaining DroidKit application procedures to finish the bypass.


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