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Dhani App: Learn How To Use the Dhani App and How to Apply for A Personal Loan from Dhani!

“Dhani has elevated my complaint to the fraud-detection team, as I learned when I went to the company headquarters today after lodging my complaint previously.

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Vishv Garg, a harmed client, estimates that it will take another 15 days, and he’s scared that collection agents will start phoning him for the loan amount while that time is passing.

Customers on social media have also expressed their desire for the corporation to resolve the issue. Affected clients’ credit scores are expected to be restored by the corporation, which is working with the credit bureaus.
Cases involving the stealing of a person’s identity.

What Is Dhani App?

Dhani App: Learn how To Use the Dhani App and How to Apply for A Personal Loan from Dhani!

Asked by BusinessLine, a Dhani spokeswoman said the company has a large customer support staff that is working on these identity theft instances in order to deliver a timely resolution following a thorough investigation.

When it comes to offering these credit limits, our process is totally online and we adhere to industry standards. While the number of reported occurrences is small, the company is doing everything in its power to prevent identity theft. “We have received few cases where dishonest people have tried to fabricate KYC details and obtain a credit line on our platform,” stated the spokesman.

How to Use the Pan Card and Credit Card?

We’ve been putting our risk management and technology teams into overdrive, continually developing more robust systems in an effort to keep such actions at bay. We’ve partnered with G-defence, a global security platform, to double-check each device against a specific client and PAN using numerous categories of data. Our identity theft situations won’t happen anymore,” the representative assured us.

PAN data was being used fraudulently to register accounts and take out loans through the app, which users initially noticed earlier this week. Many of the borrowers’ credit ratings have been negatively affected as a result of the delayed loans.

Using the Dhani app, you may apply for a personal loan online. As Dhani Loans and Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dhani Services Limited, it is a non-deposit-taking NBFC regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.

A One-Step Loan for All of Your Financial Concerns.

A Personal Loan Can Be Used for Everything from Buying a New Automobile or Two-Wheeler to Planning a Dream Wedding, Taking a Vacation, or Dealing with A Medical Emergency. a Personal Loan Can Help You with Any Financial Situation, from Home Improvement to Debt Consolidation. Many people, However, Put Off Applying for A Personal Loan Because of The Numerous Steps Involved.
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All of That Is About to Change Thanks to Dhani! All You Have to Do Is Download the App, Sign Up, Choose How Much You Want to Borrow, and Then Enter Your Bank Account Information. Just a Few Minutes Later, You’ll Have the Money in Your Bank Account After Submitting an Application for A Personal Loan.

Indiabulls Dhani Quickly Disburses the Loan Amount You Have Requested! There Is No Risk of Fraud at Any Point in The Process. the Service Is Available 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week, and Can Be Accessed from Any Location in The United States.

How to Get Personal Loans?

Dhani App: Learn how To Use the Dhani App and How to Apply for A Personal Loan from Dhani!

In terms of Dhani Loans, You Don’t Have to Give Any Collateral or Security Because They’re Unsecured Loans. Using the Dhani App, You May Get Personal Loans for Everything from Vacation and Medical Expenses to Two-Wheeler Purchases and Weddings. in Fact, the App Allows You to Apply for A Personal Loan of Up to INR 15 Lakhs in As Little as Three Minutes.

Indiabulls Dhani’s Personal Loan Interest Rates Start at 1.17 Percent per Month, Making Them Extremely Competitive. in accordance with Industry Standards, Processing Costs Range from 1.5 Percent to 6 Percent for Variable Tenures Ranging from Three Months to 36 Months. on Loans of Less than INR 20,000, There Are No Foreclosure or Prepayment Fees.

Not to mention the fact that Dhani Loans Are the Only Ones that Pay Back in This Country. as A Result of The ‘refer and Earn’ Function, You Can Earn 250 Dhani Points on Every Personal Loan that Is Referred by A Friend or Family Member.

Pay Later, Shop Now.

A Personal Loan Is a Terrific Way to Fulfil Long-Term Aspirations. We May Also Wish to Spend Money on Everyday Things, but Can’t Afford the Whole Price at All Times. if You Use the Dhani App, You Have the Option of Getting a Dhani Credit Line, Which Provides You with More Purchasing Power and The Ability to Pay for Purchases Over Time Rather than In One Lump Sum.

As a ‘pay as You Go’ Loan, Think of It This Way: Dhani Credit Line Is Here to Help, Whether You Need to Buy a Coffee Maker for Your Morning Brew or A New Air Conditioner for Your Bedroom. if You’re Short on Cash at The End of A Month, This Card Is Ideal Because It Allows You to Shop Now and Pays Later.

How to Receive Rewards in Dhani App?

Dhani Credit Line Breaks Down Each Purchase Into Manageable Em Is that May Be Paid Back Over Time with No Interest. but That’s Not All. Dhani Credit Line Is a No-Cost, Always-On Service that Can Be Set up In a Matter of Seconds. if You’d Like to Use This Line of Credit, There Is a Small Processing Fee and You’ll Receive a Digital or Plastic Rupay Card.

in Terms of Costs and Usage, This Card Is a Lot Better Than A Credit Card, and You May Establish Spending Restrictions on Your Card. It’s a Prepaid Card that Gives You Additional Savings on Top of Regular Reductions Whenever You Shop, Online or Off. You Can Also Receive Rewards on Every Purchase You Make with Dhani Credit Line, and It’s a No-Hassle Choice.

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Dhani Loans and Services:

Dhani App: Learn how To Use the Dhani App and How to Apply for A Personal Loan from Dhani!

To Apply for A Personal Loan with Dhani Loans and Services, Follow These Steps.

  • Contacting Dhani Loans and Services’ Customer Service Department at 0124-6555-555 Between the Hours of 8:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M. Is the Fastest and Most Convenient Way to Apply for A Personal Loan.
  • Send a Message to [email protected] if You’d Prefer that Method of Communication.
  • Alternatively, You Can Write to The Following Address and Request an Application for A Personal Loan:
  • M-62 and M-63, Connaught Place, 1st Floor
  • Tel: 011-30252900 in New Delhi, India, 110001

You Will Be Contacted by A Member of The Lending Team Who Will Assist You With The Application Process. You’ll Be Required to Provide Supporting Documentation that Will Be Scrutinised. Dhani Loans and Services Will Approve Your Personal loan application if all of your information is correct.


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