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How to Use the Govchat App to Apply for Govchat Sassa Funding, You Must First Register and Then Log in

Almost 80% of South Africans don’t know their local public officials. The best way to talk with the government is through government chat. This app can tell people a lot about their area and their rights.

The app says that it will help the community, the government, and itself in three ways.

  • It would make it easier for people to get involved with the government.

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  • This platform is a straightforward way to talk about how government officials are not accountable.
  • This platform makes it easy to keep track of how different local government services are being delivered.

How Can I Register for Govchat?

This is how you may create an account on GovChat.
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  • Go to and fill out the registration form.
  • Select a favorite account. Make a password for your account.
  • Create a profile and include your location.
  • Check which sort of membership you want.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • To finish the sign-up process, click here.

How to Use the Govchat App to Apply for Govchat Sassa Funding, You Must First Register and Then Log in

You will receive an activation email in your inbox. Activate your account, follow the directions, and join any discussion platform.

To use the app on your smartphone, you’ll need a Javascript app.

How Do I Login to the Govchat App?

You’ll need your phone number and password to log in. If you wish to use Govchat’s services without logging in, you first need to do so.

How to Apply for a Sassa Grant Using the Govchat Application

The first criterion is that you only apply once. You can apply for your SASSA award through any website, but you should only submit one application.

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The following are the processes to apply for the grant through the SASSA website.

  • Go to for more information.
  • It will send you to a screen where you must log in using your phone number.
  • You’ll get a four-digit code on your phone, which you’ll need to enter here.
  • If you do not wish to take the medical assessment, close the pop-up window.
  • Go to the SASSA grant page from here. To apply for a grant, select the tab that says “Apply for a Grant.” Choose the hardship grant for social relief.
  • A pop-up will appear again, prompting you to enter the Whatsapp-generated reference number before clicking Get Form. Create a new form if you don’t already have one.
  • The reference number, which may be used to trace application forms, will be generated.

How to Use the Govchat App to Apply for Govchat Sassa Funding, You Must First Register and Then Log in

What Are the Requirements for Submitting an Application?

These needs can be readily met using the app.

  • The assigned South African Identity Number or the Refugee Permit Number
  • under the auspices of the Department of Home Affairs.
  • Name exactly as it appears on the identification card.
  • Contact information, such as a cell phone number
  • It is necessary to bring up the subject of gender. If you have a temporary or permanent disability, you must also disclose it.
  • Please include your complete mailing address.

How Can I Apply for the Govchat App Ecd?

Go to to learn more.

  • From the website’s right-hand side, select the ECD Fund.
  • For the Govchat ECD, you’ll need a bank account.
  • By clicking on the “Register” button, you will be able to access your account.

  • After you’ve completed all of the sections, click the submit button.

How Can I Get the Govchat App?

The GovChat app is available for free on Google Play. All you have to do now is put it in place.


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