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Democratic Party of New York, Asian Parents: “We Have a Right” to Charter School Choice

On Friday, Asian-American parents in New York sent a clear message to Democratic lawmakers: Increase funding for charter schools.

We’re constantly being taxed. “We have a right as parents and children to the greatest education, best schools, and the best academics for all of our children,” said mom Judy Wong at a rally outside the Department of Education headquarters in lower Manhattan.

Wong, a public school parent with children aged 11 and 15, argued that all children, regardless of “economic position or race or color of skin or whatever their family background,” should have access to publicly financed charter schools.

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The way I see it, we are not competitive at the moment. I believe that today’s pupils are becoming well-versed in politics, sex, and other controversial topics, but they are mathematically illiterate.

New York’s Asian-American community is joining the call for school choice just three days after 500 mostly black and Hispanic parents rallied in support of charter schools outside of City Hall.

Gov. Kathy Hochul’s attempt to eliminate the cap has been met with strong opposition from state Democratic legislators linked with the anti-charter teachers union, the United Federation of Teachers, who believe charters siphon cash and students away from traditional public schools.

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Schools that operate under a charter system More than five hundred New York City parents and students recently gathered at City Hall to advocate for the removal of a limit on the number of charter schools.

But Yiatin Chu, a parent of a 12-year-old and president and founder of Asian Wave Alliance, stated, “Charter schools have achieved results for New York City families and we should have a choice. The public education system is failing us, but that won’t keep us in the system. There must be more options; the ceiling must be raised.

In a typical public school in Brooklyn, Chu claimed her daughter is receiving a “very substandard education,” even in the gifted and talented program.

Advocates chanted “Remove the Cap” and displayed posters reading “NYC Needs More Charters,” “Asian Families Demand More Charters,” and “Kids over Politics.”

South Brooklyn’s new Republican assemblyman, Lester Chang, said his colleagues in the legislature should listen to parents.

When it comes to my child’s education, I have no interest in attending a charter school. It’s up to mom and dad to decide! “They asked for it, so I gave it to them,” Chang said.

I support a parent’s right to make a personal decision in this matter. In addition, I think people should have options. The ability to make one’s own decisions is central to the democratic process. When there is no room for debate, we have a dictatorship.

So, he went on, “So, parents know what’s in the best interest of the child. Not me. Nobody else, not the governor, not the mayor.

Chang stated that his fellow Assembly Republicans agree with Hochul’s proposal to increase the number of charter schools.

The city is home to 275 charter schools now, with another 12 scheduled to debut in the upcoming fall, for a grand total of 287. No new charter schools can open in the city because of a quota set by the state.

Under Hochul’s proposal, the city would gain access to approximately 85 unused charter school licenses across the state.

On Friday, other parents joined the fight.

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Brian Robinson, whose daughter is 5 and attends a conventional public school, and who is expecting his second kid, remarked, “We need competition. The key to achievement is healthy competition. A higher standard is required of everyone involved.

When it comes to education, charter schools are producing impressive outcomes. Funding charter schools would not preclude properly functioning traditional public schools. On the contrary, that’s how they’d thrive best.

Daniela Souza Egorov, who has two children, ages 9 and 5, who attend a conventional public school, believes that charter school enrollment should be made available as an alternative.

To put parents back in charge of their children’s education, which is where it belongs, charter schools are essential. She proclaimed, “No one knows a child’s requirements better than a parent.

Our family in New York City has found charter schools to be an excellent option. Parents, not government officials or politicians, should have the last say.

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There is a greater emphasis on core subjects and a longer school day and year at charter schools than at regular public schools, both of which receive public funding.

According to a Post article, charter school students perform better than their public school counterparts on state tests of math and English language arts.

Most charter schools are non-union and enjoy greater autonomy in areas such as operations and curriculum design.

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