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Bk Mother of Six Killed While Protecting Her Son From an Oncoming Car

This has caused widespread panic throughout the city. Another New Yorker has been killed in a hit-and-run accident. Over the weekend of March 2–3, Tamika Richards, 41, a grandmother of six and mother of six, was killed at Coney Island by a hit-and-run vehicle.

The last thing she did was protect her son Ray-Quan Parker, 18, from the oncoming red truck, an act that was clearly motivated by love.

Ray-Quan has recently had surgery and is currently listed as stable. The hospital where he is healing is still his current residence.

Her sister, Shaquana People, is the Legal and Classified Advertising consultant for the Amsterdam News, therefore Richards is also related to the newspaper in some way.

Richards was the eldest of eight siblings and the mother of six children.

Members of the People and Richards families can be found in both New York and the South.

In a statement, Council Member Selvena Brooks-Powers expressed her condolences to the families who had been devastated by traffic violence over the weekend. According to the schedule, Tamika Richards and her six kids would be at home tonight.

She gave her life in Brooklyn, defending her toddler from a speeding motorist who had already fled the scene.

The crime was committed near the crossroads of West 24th Street and Mermaid Avenue. The collision was reported to police on Friday night, just before 9 o’clock. Richards had only traveled a block to get to her house.

The motorist fled in a westbound direction on Mermaid Avenue, the NYPD noted, perhaps passing a local police station.

Then Shaquana continued, “She was my father’s first-born. It was because of her that he became a dad. I’m shattered to learn that my sister won’t be coming back. A surrender from the driver is required.

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Prof. Chris Herrmann, a GIS expert at John Jay College, has located additional traffic cameras along the driver’s suspected route, which he says significantly boosts the odds of capturing the offender. Unfortunately, just four of the seventy-nine hit-and-run incidents involving significant injuries or fatalities were investigated in New York City last year.

First and foremost, I want to convey sympathies to the family,” NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey told the Amsterdam News. This is a horrible situation. One life was cut short in its prime. She had six children, was a grandma, and was a respected sibling.

She was the linchpin upon which they relied. Whoever did this should know how much suffering they have caused. Please surrender. The NYPD will exhaust all resources in its search for you. We promise that we will never give up looking for you.

“We want to thank everyone for their love and support and as a family, we ask if people will please respect our privacy as we continue to mourn and prepare for our final preparations,” Shaquana People told the Amsterdam News.

Her coworkers and I offer our most heartfelt condolences to her loved ones at this time of loss.

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