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Death of Woman After Being Pushed Down Subway Tracks in Times Square: “It’s Getting Worse”

The police have confirmed that a woman was forced onto the subway lines at the Times Square station in New York City on Saturday, resulting in her death.

Police commissioner Keechant Sewell of the New York Police Department (NYPD) told reporters on Saturday that a man had pushed a lady, later identified as 40-year-old Michelle Alyssa Go, in front of a northbound R train. We’re still looking into the situation.

According to Sewell, officers located the woman under the train on the tracks while she was unconscious and suffering from significant damage. On the spot, she was deemed dead.

Neither the victim nor the topic appears to have initiated the attack, as stated by Sewell.

After the attack, the perpetrator ran away but eventually surrendered, as confirmed by Sewell. It was reported on Sunday by NBC New York that the suspect, 61-year-old Simon Martial, has been charged with second-degree murder after being positively recognized by the police.

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There are delays on the N, Q, and R trains in both directions, according to a tweet from the MTA on Saturday.

It was “a horrible, totally senseless act of violence,” Sewell said.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams described the incident as a “terrible experience” during a press conference.

He argued that the loss of a New Yorker in this way will simply serve to increase the anxieties of those who avoid the subway.

According to Adams, the suspect spent about nine minutes in the station before attacking his victim. NYPD Assistant Chief Jason Wilcox, meantime, reported that the suspect was perhaps homeless and had a criminal history with three prior confrontations with the police.

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The mayor further encouraged legislators and law enforcement to deal with the city’s mental health crisis and “to ensure that individuals who need mental health care received that.”

“That is how we’re going to ensure that not only our streets, above ground and below ground are safe for New Yorkers,” he said, referring to Kendra’s Law, which permits judges to order certain individuals with major mental health difficulties to stay in treatment while continuing to live in society.

Far too infrequently do judges follow that legislation, which mandates that people who cannot care for themselves get the medical attention they require. We won’t foster an unsafe atmosphere,” he reassured the crowd.

“We want to stress again how important it is that everyone, especially those who use our subway system, have access to the appropriate mental health treatments,” the statement reads.

Sewell claimed the victim was of Asian descent and that the attacker had initially targeted a different woman. She also said that if the police were looking into a possible hate crime, they would offer updates.

On Saturday, passengers and onlookers gave their reactions to the occurrence.

A traveler named Roxana Jones was quoted in the New York Post as saying, “It could have been me, it’s scary.” Jones was at the station on Saturday afternoon.

“I just believe something needs to happen because it’s getting worse,” Ariana Shaghaghi, who was also at the station, told the Post.

“They tried to clean the subways up with the COVID, but in my opinion, things have actually become worse, what with all the homeless people living in there. This is bad and needs to be addressed immediately.

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The New York City Police Department and the Mayor’s Office were contacted by Newsweek, but neither responded with any additional information or comments.

New York City police say a lady was killed on Saturday after a guy pushed her down the subway lines in Times Square. The above image is of an F train on August 2, 2021, in Brooklyn.

There have been reports of similar instances in the city recently. This same Times Square subway station saw a push-and-shove incident in October, involving a woman who allegedly pushed a bystander in front of an approaching train.

The 42-year-old woman survived because she only fell onto the side of the rails and not onto the tracks themselves, saving her life.

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