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Dare Me Season 2 Release Date is Confirmed?

Stars Addy Hanlon and Beth Cassidy are best friends and high school cheerleaders in the movie Dare Me, which is based on the book by Megan Abbott.

They experience a breakdown in their once-solid friendship when new cheer instructor Colette French joins the squad.

Addy, also known as Hanlon, is seduced by the mysterious Colette, and the two of them start to keep something from one another. The youngster follows Colette into the murder of Sarge Will, who was killed in his flat, but this just intensifies their relationship.

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At the end of the first season, Matt and Colette were involved in his death, but we don’t know what happened the night of it.

Dare Me season 2

Immediately disliking the new coach and Hanlon’s interest in her, Beth is desperate to prove Colette’s involvement in Will’s demise. However, if she implements the plan, she puts both her and her closest friend in danger.

Will the show return for further episodes after the first season’s many unanswered questions?

Season 1 ending explained

The Dare Me season 1 conclusion largely adheres to the original novel, but the TV adaptation leaves some of the audience with unanswered questions. The 10-part series, which was based on Megan Abbott’s self-titled 2012 novel, premiered on USA in 2020 and later garnered new viewers after being made available on Netflix. The Dare Me season 1 finale, “Shock & Awe,” leaves some unanswered questions, leaving viewers feeling a little dissatisfied and perplexed by the cryptic conclusion.

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Dare Me season 1 primarily focuses on crisp storytelling. Willa Fitzgerald’s character Colette French (who is the new cheering coach at Sutton Grove High School) is strict with her charges. Naturally, when Beth Cassidy (Marlo Kelly) loses her position as team captain, she resists, but Addy Hanlon (Herizen Guardiola) becomes friendly with her new coach and shows an interest in her personal life.

The power dynamics of the series are constantly shifting from episode to episode once it is revealed that Colette has been having an affair with a local Marine recruiter called Will Mosley (Zach Roerig).

Release Date of Dare Me Season 2

Due to the network’s decision to switch its emphasis from fiction to reality programming, Dare USA Network terminated my contract in April.

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But that’s all there is to it; it doesn’t follow. There is still hope for the project since “Universal Content Productions will hawk the coming-of-age/small-town drama/murder-mystery mix to other venues.”

Dare Me season 2

Although Netflix announced the cancellation a year ago, it is looking less and less likely that the business will cover the entire production cost on its own. Out of all places, the official Netflix Helps Twitter account offered some additional rays of optimism in January 2021.

Expected Plot of Dare Me Season 2

Because the first season only covers the first half of the novel, daring Me will continue from the source material, according to author and showrunner Megan Abbott. Despite there being no official announcement, Dare Me season 2 might provide further information regarding what happened to Sarge Will.

Sarge Will didn’t commit himself; instead, Colette and her husband conspired to have him killed at the end of season one.

Dare Me season 2

What happens to Kurtz in season two after the police question him at the end of season one? What about Addy, whose Hamsa bracelet was discovered on the scene of the crime? Detailed analysis of Addy and Colette’s relationship is also possible.

There are still a lot of unsolved questions, thus fans demand Dare Me season 2. Maybe we should accept the truth that some things will never be fully understood.

Cast of Dare Me Season 2

The likelihood that the main characters from the first season, who were last seen there, will return in the second season is very high.

  • Willa Fitzgerald will play the role of Coach Colette French.
  • Herizen Guardiola will return as Addy Hanlon.
  • Marlo Kelly will portray the role of Beth Cassidy.
  • Rob Heaps will reprise his role as Matt French.
  • Alison Thornton will play Tacy Cassidy.
  • Paul Fitzgerald will depict Bert Cassidy.
  • Amanda Brugel will play Faith Hanlon.
  • Tammy Blanchard in the role of Lana Cassidy.
  • Tamberla Perry will play J.J. Curtis.
  • Taveeta Szymanowicz will portray RiRi Curtis.
  • Antonio J. Bell will play Michael Slocum.
  • Chris Zylka will be playing Corporal Kurtz.
  • Adrian Walters will play Jimmy Tibbs.

Trailer: Dear me season 2

The Dare Me Season 2 trailer hasn’t yet been released. Take pleasure in the Season 1 trailer.

Where to watch

The second season of Dare Me will probably be released on Netflix. The first season is also available on this streaming service.


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