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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
HomenewsCriminal With International Narcotics and Debt Enforcement Ties Receives 12-year Prison Term

Criminal With International Narcotics and Debt Enforcement Ties Receives 12-year Prison Term

On Tuesday, the office of United States Attorney Nick Brown announced that 37-year-old José Barbosa of Kent was sentenced to 148 months in prison, or a little over 12 years, plus five years of supervised release.

Barbosa was a leader in a criminal organization that used violence to collect on drug debts. In August of 2022, he entered a guilty plea.

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“This cartel-related drug trafficking ring devastated our community with hazardous drugs, and with their guns and threats of violence,” said Brown.

“Our primary objective is to reduce the availability of harmful and addictive substances in western Washington. The community as a whole must pitch in to help lower demand for these drugs.”

According to court records, Barbosa admitted to being a top commander in the trafficking operation that has ties to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) in Mexico.

In November of 2019, members received liquid methamphetamine supplied in candles; Barbosa assisted in removing the substance from the candles and crystallizing it at a kitchen in Port Orchard.

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The Port Orchard home was a target for law enforcement after they learned of the trafficking. Barbosa was wounded in the collarbone after an outbreak of gunfire.

A group of drug traffickers reloaded the candles laced with meth into a van and made a quick getaway.

Barbosa was detained, and police later stopped the van in which he was traveling, seizing the meth and processing equipment.

A total of 55 pounds of meth, 600 grams of heroin, and an unspecified amount of fentanyl were allegedly distributed by Barbosa in Western Washington and beyond, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

To prevent harmful substances from entering the country, the DEA in Seattle and around the United States works relentlessly every day, as stated by Special Agent in Charge Jacob D. Galvan.

Along with our allies, we will keep doing what we’re doing to stop drug dealers like Mr. Barbosa and to keep our neighborhoods safe from gun violence and gun violence.

Law enforcement’s wiretaps of Barbosa’s phone calls revealed he was also acting as the ring’s debt collector. Barbosa threatened one of the members of the drug ring he was a part of after taking his car to pay off a debt.

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The plea deal states that Barbosa routinely discussed using threats of violence, including kidnapping, assault, and murder, to collect debts from borrowers.

U.S. District Court in Seattle has recently prosecuted a spate of high-profile cases involving drug trafficking rings, and Barbosa is the latest example.

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