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Coughlin, the House’s Democratic Leader, Has Expressed His Approval of the Snap Benefit Increase.

SAYREVILLE — Speaker of the Assembly Craig Coughlin (D-19th Dist.) is pleased with the state’s decision to raise Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) payments.

To help low-income households buy food, SNAP issues benefits cards that can be used at most grocery stores and even some farmer’s markets. Many variables, including financial situation and available assets, determine eligibility. Using SNAP benefits wisely can help people eat better with less money.

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“Inflation and the rising cost of everyday products have been a problem for the general public for a considerable amount of time.

As a result, more of our neighbors are having trouble providing for their family’s nutritional needs.

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SNAP has been a crucial resource for many of them “That’s what Coughlin has to say.

The program has been shown to be effective in alleviating food insecurity among the most marginalized members of society, including our youth and our elderly, and it continues to be an essential component of our arsenal against hunger.
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We took steps to strengthen it last year “Moreover, he said.

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Coughlin has announced that the minimum monthly payout for all SNAP-eligible households in the state will be $50.

This is especially significant as we prepare for the conclusion of government SNAP extensions made during the pandemic, which provided enormous relief to help individuals make ends meet.

Included in Coughlin’s legislative district are the cities of Perth Amboy, Sayreville, and South Amboy.

To determine if you are eligible to receive SNAP benefits.



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