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HomenewsWet and Windy Conditions Could Delay Christmas Travel Plans

Wet and Windy Conditions Could Delay Christmas Travel Plans

New Jersey is forecast to have rain and wind by the end of the week, which might delay holiday travel plans.

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Unfortunately, millions of people will be hitting the roads on Friday morning to celebrate the holiday, and a storm system is forecast to bring heavy rain and severe gusts.

According to AAA, over the holiday season about 2.
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5 million individuals in New Jersey will be travelling. That’s an increase of roughly 2% year-over-year! Even though the vast majority of travellers are taking their own cars, there will be a 30% increase (or roughly 80,000 people) taking public transportation or a cruise.

Christmas travel plans may be hampered by rainy, windy weather

According to experts, this is because individuals are feeling more confident about taking trips again after the pandemic. Due to the weather forecast, however, this weekend’s attention will be focused squarely on the roadways.

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Tracy Noble, a representative for AAA Mid-Atlantic, says, “Anything that is going to effect traffic obviously has the potential to be a little bit scary as we approach into the holiday weekend.”

Christmas travel plans may be hampered by rainy, windy weather

The number of people killed in car accidents appears to have risen in recent months across the state. This weekend alone, the Garden State Parkway claimed the lives of two people.

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The number of people killed in traffic incidents has increased over the past year, even if the number of crashes has decreased. However, these figures are still quite high, even when compared to those seen before the pandemic. Nearly as high as it was at the onset of the covid era, holiday travel is a close but not quite perfect match.

The numbers in 2019 were significantly greater than in previous years, so this is not shocking, adds Noble. The storm will peak on Friday night and Saturday morning.


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