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Bobby Wooten Net Worth: How Did Katie Holmes Meet Bobby Wooten?

From New Jersey, he is a well-known American musician, composer, producer, instrumentalist, bassist, adjunct lecturer, social media influencer, and entrepreneur.

Bobby, a 33-year-old composer, is most known for his role in David Byrne’s American Utopia. He has received a Grammy nomination.

Wooten has also performed in front of an audience at several concerts and music events. Bobby has also appeared on Broadway alongside several well-known personalities.

He’s also been interviewed by several publications. Bobby shot to fame after launching the YouTube series America, Learn Your History.

Early years

Bobby Wooten III was born in Chicago, Illinois, on January 20, 1989. His parents’ names have yet to be exposed to the public. He hasn’t said anything about his siblings, either. His family has a strong musical tradition, and he began playing numerous instruments at a young age.

Bobby must have gone to a high school, but he kept quiet about it. He had set out to pursue a profession in music during his school years.

Bobby Wooten Net Worth

He studied music professionally at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music. He received a bachelor’s degree in jazz performance with the bass as his primary instrument and a master’s degree in business administration.

The career of Bobby Wooten

He worked as a composer/producer and instrumentalist with various musicians following his education. He’s collaborated with David Byrne, Jennifer Lopez, Mac Miller, Jennifer Hudson, Rick Ross, and a slew of other artists on stage and in the studio.

He is also an Adjunct Professor at Tisch New York University. He has worked as a composer and producer on projects such as Empire, Machine Gun Kelly, Almondmilkhoney, Jake Troth, ESPN, Nike, Google, Reebok, Kith, and others.

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He’s also appeared on Broadway in musicals, including Moulin Rouge! and American Utopia. He was motivated by the Black Lives Matter movement and created America, Learn Your History web series.

He explains racial challenges through his lens in this 2-minute episode. In American education, he picks up on stories that have been misunderstood, deceived, or lied to.

Private life

Bobby was recently seen kissing and holding hands with Katie Homes in Central Park, New York. They were observed going hand in hand through the city. Katie is an actress, director, and producer from the United States who is best known for her relationship with Tom Cruise.

Bobby Wooten Net Worth

He hasn’t said much about his previous relationships because he prefers to keep them private. He also devotes most of his time to work, his family and friends, and, most recently, his new girlfriend. He appears to be content in his current relationship with Katie.

Net Worth

Bobby Wooten III is a musician who earns a living. He also makes money by performing on Broadway. Bobby Wooten’s net worth is estimated to be between $2 and $4 million (approx.). He is living a high life in New York City with his family.

Social Media, Bobby Wooten

Bobby is a frequent social media user. He has a total of 11.9 thousand Instagram followers. On his web series American Learn Your History, he has 7,395 followers.

His Instagram feed is chock-full of photos from his gigs, concerts, music tours, inspirational quotes, and upcoming projects.

Bobby Wooten’s Age: How Old Is He?

Bobby Wooten celebrated his 33rd birthday in January, making him 33 years old at the time.

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On his 30th birthday in 2019, he reminisced on a line he had jotted down: “30 years of being immensely thankful and thrilled for every moment.”

He is also a musician and composer born in the city of Chicago in the state of Illinois.

Bobby Wooten Facts

  • His grandfather created the Wooten Choral Ensemble in 1949.
  • Marcus Miller’s band used to have his father on keyboards.
  • Bass Magazine interviewed him.
  • He is an outspoken supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • He played bass in David Byrne’s Joan of Arc in 2017.
  • He played at Coachella in 2022 alongside Carly Rae Jepsen.


Who Is Bobby Wooten Iii’s Girlfriend or Wife?

Bobby was seen dating Katie Holmes in April 2022.

Where Is Bobby Wooten From?

Bobby Wooten III is a New Jersey native. In Chicago, Illinois, he was reared by his family.

How did Katie Holmes meet Bobby Wooten?

Bobby Wooten and Katie Holmes met through a mutual friend. In early May, a source close to Holmes told E! News that they met through mutual acquaintances and that their relationship was “going nicely.” “Katie is thrilled and excited to see someone,” they stated.

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