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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
HomeTechnologyLet's Take a Look Into Current Plans for Audible Subscriptions!

Let’s Take a Look Into Current Plans for Audible Subscriptions!

With Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus, you can download audiobooks permanently in addition to streaming them. If you are unclear about the new Audible subscription and how it differs from the previous one, we have a basic comparison that will make it easy for you to identify its main advantages and similarities.

With the launch of a new Plus membership, Audible is attempting to modernize its outdated Gold membership subscription model, which is centered on swapping monthly credits for audiobooks that you may keep forever. For audiobooks, the new Audible Plus membership is comparable to Kindle Unlimited.

You can download or stream an unlimited number of qualified audiobooks for offline usage on your smartphone or tablet for $7.95 per month (less than half the cost of the Gold plan), but you lose all of your downloaded audiobooks once your subscription expires.

Current Plans for Audible Subscriptions

1. Amazon Plus

Audible Subscription

Because the new subscription offers unlimited access and is twice as affordable as the Gold membership, many audiobook listeners are thrilled about it. In other words, if you have an Audible Plus membership, you won’t be able to listen to the most recent audiobook of Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight Sun within your subscription because it is not a part of the Audible Plus library.

Membership plan: Audible Plus
Number of eligible books: over 11,000 in Plus catalog
Streaming: Yes
Credits: No
Owning books forever: No
Monthly fee: $7.95

2. Audible Premium Plus

Older subscription options known as Gold and Platinum now go by the name Audible Premium Plus. Now, the number of credits you receive each month varies. The rebranding of Audible Premium Plus was done to make room for Audible Plus and to launch the Plus library, but the membership itself remains essentially the same.

Audible Subscription

Each month, you receive one or two credits that you can use to purchase any audiobook from the entire Audible catalog. Plus members are unable to access the Premium catalog. Any audiobook from outside the Plus library that you would wish to listen to as a Plus member must be purchased.

Membership plan: Audible Premium Plus
Number of eligible books: over 11,000 in the Plus catalog and almost 500,000 in the Premium catalog
Streaming: Yes
Credits: Yes, 1 or 2 per month
Owning books forever: Yes
Monthly fee: $14.95 (1 credit), $22.95 (2 credits)

Audible Subscription Plans Compared

Let’s compare the current Audible membership plans side by side. Will you continue using Premium Plus (formerly Gold) or will you try Plus?

Plus Premium Plus
Free trial 30-day 30-day
Access to the Plus catalog Yes Yes
Access to the Premium catalog No Yes
Number of eligible books Over 11,000 Almost 500,000
Earn credits No Yes
Own books forever No Yes
Exclusive discounts No Yes
Monthly fee $7.95 $14.95


Sheela Sharma
Sheela Sharma
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