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Aoins Com: Best Insurance Group Offers Coverage for Your Life, Home, Car, And Business!

Mutual insurance company Auto-Owners Insurance Group offers coverage for your life, home, car, and business. Within the 26 states where they are active, they rely only on independent insurance agents to sell coverage. When considering coverage, cost, availability, reputation, and customer experience, Auto-Owners Insurance comes out on top with a score of 8.8 out of 10.

To see how Auto-Owners Insurance stacks up against the best vehicle insurance providers in the country, the reviews team at Home Media has looked at numerous competitors. Getting estimates from multiple companies is the best approach to finding the best vehicle insurance policy for your needs.

Is Auto-Owners Insurance Good?

Auto-Owners Insurance provides solid coverage at competitive rates, but the company’s claims process consistently receives negative feedback from policyholders. Auto-Owners Insurance.

Aoins Com

On the Other Hand, is a good choice if you want to have a close working relationship with your insurance agent. Auto-Owners Insurance provides solid protection at a reasonable cost.
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Although it does not have the lowest premiums, this insurer gives excellent value for the money.


Auto-Owners Insurance Company was founded in 1916 by Vern V. Moulton and four others in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. The company’s current home office was established in Lansing, Michigan in 1917. In 1935, Auto-Owners expanded beyond its home state of Michigan and began offering insurance policies to drivers in Indiana.

Aoins Com

They kept expanding, and now independent insurance agents in 26 states can get coverage from them. Since 2003, the firm has been included in the Fortune 500. Auto-Owners Insurance ranked #320 in 2020.

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Auto-Owners Insurance Rates

State Auto-Owners Insurance Rate Statewide Average Rate
Alabama $1,561 $1,479
Arizona $1,212 $1,754
Arkansas $1,499 $1,525
Colorado $2,371 $1,860
Georgia $1,300 $1,617

Auto-Owners Insurance offers rates that are typically lower than the market standard. We calculated that full coverage auto insurance with Auto-Owners costs an average of $1,337 per year or $111 per month. On average, the insurer charges $349 per year, or about $29 per month, for the bare minimum of liability coverage.

We’ve compiled some state averages and compared them to Auto-Owners’ typical premiums for comprehensive auto insurance below. For reference, these rates apply to a male driver aged 35 with no major traffic violations on his record.

Aoins Com

Auto-Owners Insurance has average premiums that are lower than state averages, while the difference is normally not large. Auto-Owners offers competitive rates, but they probably won’t be the lowest you can find.

Auto-Owners Insurance Discounts

Auto-Owners Insurance offers many ways to save money, so finding a discount is simple. Some of the most frequent ones will be discussed here.
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It’s unlikely that you’ll be eligible for every single one of these auto insurance savings.

If you’re interested in saving money on multiple policies by bundling them with Auto-Owners Insurance, you should investigate the company’s other offerings. The Auto-Owners Insurance website provides additional information about the many coverage options available to you.

Aoins Com

An Auto-Owners Insurance policyholder’s shared loss deductible can be used in the event of simultaneous property damage to their home and vehicle. Additional advantages include coverage for rented cars and the elimination of the collision deductible in the event of an accident involving two insured vehicles.

TrueRide by Auto-owners, the company’s telematics program, is the last available choice. If you sign up for this program, your smartphone will be used to monitor how often and how far you drive. Auto insurance premiums can go down as a result of this.

Auto-Owners Insurance Group Companies

Aoins Com

  • Auto-Owners Insurance Company
  • Auto-Owners Life Insurance Company
  • Owners Insurance Company
  • Home-Owners Insurance Company
  • Property-Owners Insurance Company
  • Southern-Owners Insurance Company
  • Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company
  • Concord Group Insurance Companies
  • Capital Insurance Group

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Auto-Owners Insurance Quote

Auto-Owners Insurance is something to consider if offered. Compare auto insurance quotes from different companies to discover the best deal. Generally speaking, bids for the cost of auto insurance will vary from one person to the next due to a number of different factors. Below, we’ll examine the primary factors that impact estimates of vehicle insurance premiums.

Aoins Com

  • Location is a major factor in pricing, with city dwellers typically paying more than their rural counterparts.
  • The value of your automobile plays a role in determining your premiums.
  • The majority of states charge more to male drivers, young drivers, and those who are unmarried.
  • Your premiums will go up if you have a history of traffic violations like speeding or DUIs, or if you have recently been in an accident.

Aoins Com

  • Auto insurance rates in most states are significantly higher for drivers with low credit scores.
  • Determined by your deductible amount, your monthly premiums will be less expensive.

Auto-Owners Insurance: The Final Thoughts

Getting a quote from Auto-Owners Insurance is a good idea if you happen to live in one of the states where they operate. While compared to the national average, the insurer’s prices are typically more affordable, and you have a number of policy options to select from when shopping for auto insurance.


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