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Alita Alita Battle Angel 2 Release Date: Trailer, Cast, How is the Alita Battle Angel 2 Plot Structured?

Christoph Waltz stated in April 2020, “Perhaps it doesn’t fit into the Disneyfication, but I have no idea. I have no idea. Perhaps they’re working on something, and I wouldn’t be the first to hear, but I haven’t heard anything yet.”

This follows lead actress Rosa Salazar’s July 2019 comments that she hadn’t heard anything regarding a sequel, but Rodriguez has obviously not given up hope.

Rodriguez and James Cameron have plans for a sequel, and the first film lays the groundwork for one. At the time of the film’s theatrical release, Digital Spy spoke with the actors about what a prospective sequel may entail; the following is what we can anticipate…

How is the Alita Battle Angel 2 Plot Structured?

The film is obviously intended to be a comprehensive narrative, even if it does not answer all of our questions.

Hugo leaves Alita, but she gains a greater understanding of herself and her position in the world, rising to become Motorball champion and earning a chance to return to the enigmatic city Zalem and its leader Nova.

In fact, there is an entire Motorball-related scene that did not make the final cut.
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Hugo teaches her how to do the street Motorball in a training sequence shot in an alley, according to producer Jon Landau, who told CinemaBlend, “This is the only big scene.”

Deleted scenes aside, it is evident that Rodriguez and Cameron planned for the film to have its own entire storyline. Rodriguez stated, “She now knows who she is and has a goal, and the story still has a beginning, middle, and end.”

Cameron pointed out that even the original manga by Yukito Kishiro does not adequately address the riddles behind Alita’s centuries-long existence.

He assured us, “Well, we certainly have a strategy for that.” “But it’s arrogant to set up a sequel before you’ve proven yourself. That may blow back in your face. We think of Warcraft, which was clearly put up with the goal of doing sequels, and then it becomes a source of ridicule when the film fails.

“However, I do not bother about such matters. The film’s failure is its own punishment, you see. It does not matter if we are mocked in addition to failing.”

What transpired between ‘The Fall’ and Alita’s eventual landing in the Iron City garbage heap? How did Zalem survive The Fall, and what is the city actually like? What is Nova’s true motivation?

There are numerous proposals for a sequel, according to Rodriguez, who was told by Cameron that he would not provide “all 1,000 pages of notes.”

Rodriguez thought Cameron was joking when he said, “I’ll send you, like, 600,” before 600 pages of notes on the Alita script arrived in the mail.

“There’s a whole paper devoted to the trilogy,” said Rodriguez. “Because that’s part of his process. “Below are three films. Just so you are aware of what to include in the first story and so forth.'”

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Who is Reprising Their Roles in Alita Battle Angel 2?

Rosa Salazar would return as Alita not only because she is the star, but also because she adores the part. “I would play Alita till my last breath,” she remarked. “Thanks to performance capture technology, I possibly could.”

Christoph Waltz has said he will reprise his role as Alita’s surrogate father, the scientist and bounty hunter Dr. Dyson Ido, in a sequel, thus we expect him to reprise his role in the film.

In April 2020, he revealed, “I haven’t heard anything, and I’m a little upset and shocked that I haven’t heard anything so far, because I know that it has followers.”

“I know that people appreciated it, but regardless of what others said, I loved it, enjoyed working on it, and was pleased with the outcome.”

Edward Norton should repeat his part as the enigmatic Nova, which was established at the film’s conclusion. Rodriguez noted that Nova was difficult to cast, as his presence is “primarily for the setup of a sequel.”

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Wanting to ensure that the small, non-speaking role was filled by someone they would want to collaborate with on a potential Alita: Battle Angel 2 sequel, Norton was ultimately cast in the part.

Another character, Clive Lee, was in the original script but was eliminated. “I felt we’d save him for a sequel,” the director stated, so they may appear in the sequel, although it’s unknown who would play them.

When Could Alita Battle Angel 2 Be Available to the Public?

Given that a film has not yet been confirmed, we cannot guess a release date, but we do know that the process is lengthy.

Landau added, “You must expect it will take you between 12 and 18 months to develop a script.


Assuming the script is excellent, the pre-production period will be between six and ten months. Thereafter, you have a six-month shoot.
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You then have a year of post-production, which is standard for films of this genre.

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Alita Battle Angel 2 Trailer: Are There Any Alita Battle Angel 2 Clips Available Yet?

You already know the answer to this question: it will be a while before we see Alita Battle Angel 2 footage, given that a sequel has not yet been approved. According to Landau, there is a method to persuade Disney to initiate a sequel.

“I think the Alita Army should keep pestering our family at Disney about how vital it is to have another Alita film, and perhaps we’ll go there one day,” he stated.


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