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Airfly: What The South Twelve AirFly Pro Is and How It Works!

As a general rule, flying is a stressful experience. Any traveler who has been subjected to airport screening will know this. There are a lot of factors to consider, such as whether or not you need to remove your shoes, which electronics can remain in your bag, and whether or not your snacks will get crushed. That’s just to get to the entrance, by the way.

After sacrificing two hours of your day to get to the airport and go through security procedures, all you want to do once you get on the plane is sit back and relax. So, it’s another reason to avoid flying if, after getting settled in your seat and fastening your seat belt, you discover you don’t have the proper headphones to use with your in-flight entertainment system.

The South Twelve AirFly Pro.

Airfly: What The South Twelve AirFly Pro Is and How It Works!

Yes, some airlines do hand them out for free, but others still charge. We found a way to avoid the boredom of staring at the back of a seat for hours without breaking the bank: a wireless transmitter that lets you use your Bluetooth headphones with devices that only have a 3.5mm jack.

When traveling on a five-hour flight from San Francisco to New York, senior commerce editor Alexandra Deabler tried the best-selling gadget and found that it significantly improved her travel experience.

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How the Air Fly Radio Transmitter Functions.

Airfly: What The South Twelve AirFly Pro Is and How It Works!

Dealer remarked, “It’s incredibly simple.” “All you have to do is charge it, turn it on, and pair it with your headphones via Bluetooth, just like you would pair your headphones with your phone or another Bluetooth device.” As Deabler frequently travels from coast to coast, it’s great to know that the AirFly Pro has a claimed battery life of 16 hours or more. The USB-C cable included in the package will allow for a full charge in two hours, but when power is low, the device will flash an amber light three times as a warning.

“I currently call New York City home, but I grew up in California, so I spend a lot of time traveling back and forth to see my loved ones. Despite this, I frequently experience packing procrastination, which means I often forget to download movies on my iPad until the very last minute. As a result, I can’t bring any movies on the flight because I don’t have headphones with a 3.5mm jack.

In Other Words, What Is the Function of The Air Fly Pro?

The AirPods (Deabler’s preferred brand of wireless earbuds), Bose, and Beats headphones are all compatible with the AirFly Pro thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. It’s made so that two sets of wireless headphones can be connected at once, making it ideal for group listening.

Dealer remarked, “I like how this device allows two people to connect at once.” This means that you and your traveling companion can watch the same thing at the same time without bringing a bulky splicer or having to share an earbud. In addition to letting you listen wirelessly, the AirFly Pro also functions as an AUX IN adapter, so you can play music from your phone on a car stereo, boat stereo, or any other speaker that doesn’t support Bluetooth.

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What About the Perilogics Airplane Phone Mount Universal?

Airfly: What The South Twelve AirFly Pro Is and How It Works!

While Deabler did use him on a flight, he also found that they worked well with other devices that utilized 3.5mm jack headphones. “I plugged it into my TV’s remote control and used it while running on the treadmill at the gym.” Having a tool like AirFly Pro at your disposal can make a world of difference when traveling by air. There are many low-priced but highly-reviewed travel aids available on Amazon that can make your next trip a breeze.

“Before I started using the AirFly, I would just put on movies and try to read the actors’ lips,” Deabler explained. Although I am getting better at it, it is still much more enjoyable to watch them with the original dialogue and score. I was pleasantly surprised by AirFly’s high-quality sound and its smooth operation.


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