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For ‘Top Gun Maverick’s Latest Premiere: Tom Cruise, Glen Powell, and Miles Teller all travel to South Korea!

On Sunday, June 19, the cast of Top Gun: Maverick gathered at Lotte World in Seoul, Korea, for a group photo on the red carpet. Among those in attendance were actor Miles Teller, actor Greg Tarzan Davis, actor Glen Powell, actor Jay Ellis, and director Jerry Bruckheimer. Before entering the event, many of the athletes went straight to the crowd and signed autographs and took pictures with the excited onlookers.

Linda, Jerry’s wife, was there, as was Miles’ wife, Keleigh Sperry. Over $473 million has been deposited in the bank in the United States and approximately $900 million worldwide since the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick just four weeks ago, according to Collider. Tom sported a Brioni suit, as a side note. Zuhair Murad’s taffeta ballgown worn by Keleigh Miles looked sharp in a Tom Ford outfit.

Miles Teller.

In preparation for the beach sequence in Whiplash, the actor said that he lost 7 percent of his body fat. “My normal sitting weight is around 185 pounds. At some point in the process of losing weight, “I got up to about 220 and I think my body fat was about 9 percent,” Joe revealed in a video on the Joe YouTube channel, noting he had a trainer and nutritionist on his side.


“The most difficult part for me was to put on weight. I ate six eggs for breakfast, then worked out and drank a shake before packing two lunches. I’d eat two of each: a chicken breast, a complete potato, and a sprinkling of broccoli for lunch. Then I recall that there will be still another snack following this one.

” It was 20 ounces of particular seafood or steak for dinner. So you’re consuming a lot of food. In the end, that’s what I didn’t like.” As a “trick of the profession,” Teller said, “you dehydration yourself as much as possible.” You sip a can of Coke on set, and your muscles tense up because your body has been starving for hours and has no sugar or sodium to replenish its stores. In this way, a vascular appearance is achieved, which appears fantastic on film.

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Glen Powell.

"Top Gun: Maverick" Global Premiere Red Carpet

People were chowing down on protein powder.” “He spoke to USA Today about the “masculine insecurity” he experienced while working on Hangman. Prior to our football game, “everyone had resistance bands and weights on the beach.”

Jay Ellis


Ellis, Who Portrayed Payback, Told Access at The Premiere: “we Were at The Hotel Working out Every Single Day.”

At One Point, Ellis Jokingly Said that The Trainer Didn’t Like Him Due to His Tough Workouts in An Interview with Men’s Health.

He Revealed to The Magazine, “I’m Six-Four, 215 Pounds, and I Played Collegiate Basketball.”. in Contrast to Some of My Earlier Projects, “I’m Delighted I Can Use My Body and Be Physical in A Manner I Haven’t Had to Be.”

Tarzan Davis.

Davis, Who Portrayed Coyote, Said, “each of Us Went Nuts.” You Know, We’d All Watched the Original Top Gun Scene. I Was Consuming More Grass and Protein Bars than A Rabbit. I Was at My Top Performance. “oh, Absolutely,” Was All I Could Say.

top gun maverick'cast

According to Davis, “I Remember I Started Top Gun at 186 Pounds, and Due of My Diet and The Training I Actually Dropped out At 173, Which Was Totally Insane,” He Told Gq Uk. According to Him, Fast Food Was No Longer an Option for Him Because of His Desire to Avoid the “fatty, Oily Meals that I Used to Consume”.

“When I First Started Working Out, I Was Obsessed with Maintaining a Specific Body Image and Wanted to Bulk up As Much as Possible, so I Was Pumping a Lot of Weights. Once I Understood that The Weights Were Making Me Bulky, I Decided to stop. You have to be as huge as Vin Diesel or The Rock to be buff like that, and that doesn’t work for me since I’m obviously not their size.


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