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HomenewsAccording to A Recent Report, New Jersey Could Face a Wide Range...

According to A Recent Report, New Jersey Could Face a Wide Range of Threats in This Year.

Terrorist threats against New Jersey could come from a wide range of sources in 2019.

That’s what the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness concluded in their recently released Threat Assessment report.

Homeland Security Director Laurie Doran has stated that domestic violent extremists, white racially motivated extremists, and cyber attacks are the greatest threats to New Jersey until 2023.

How Is the Report Prepared?

The threat assessment report is compiled after reviewing incidents that have occurred across the country over the past five years and analysing the factors that led to them.

APTOPIX Manhattan Shooting

According to her, the report is useful for creating countermeasures against NJOHSP.

We hope to raise awareness. If the public is informed, they can also be our first line of defence. The presence of law enforcement is unfortunately limited “Doran declared.

Lots of Domestic Threat Actors

As far as domestic threats go, Doran said that authorities are keeping an eye on anarchists, anti-government Black separatists, militias, and sovereign-citizen extremists, as well as pro-life and pro-choice abortion-related extremists.

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She mentioned that many online hate groups are now being monitored by investigators.

“Many of them are now utilising both well-known and lesser-known forms of social media in order to organise their attacks, recruit new members, and disseminate news and other information to the general public,” “as she put it.

She said that while international terrorist groups pose a relatively low risk to New Jersey this year, they are still committed to fighting the United States and using international developments to inspire domestic violent extremists.

Cyber Threats Are High on The List

According to Doran, the Garden State continues to face a significant cyber threat.

The New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell has issued a warning that ransomware, along with the persistent targeting of user account credentials, is likely to be a costly and impactful cyber threat in the future.

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