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A Woman Who Grew Up in a New Jersey Shelter is Now Working There to Aid Other Homeless Families.

Jalisa Williams, who herself grew up in Jersey City’s York Street Project’s St. Joseph’s Home with her mother and siblings, now works to assist other homeless families.
Williams was only three years old when they arrived, 25 years ago.

Williams reflected on his and his brother’s experiences with the facility’s employees, specifically recalling the holiday celebrations they attended.
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Williams’ family’s life was stabilized by St. Joseph’s Home, and she was able to go to college and get her ideal career as a family case manager with York Street Project.

I don’t want to say I see myself in them, but I do understand what they’re going through,” Williams added, referring to the clients now being seen.

The non-profit offers a variety of family crisis services, one of which is St. Joseph’s Home.
The York Street Project is a family and pregnant mother shelter open for both short and lengthy stays.

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According to Christine Kane-Perez, the Director of Development at York Street Project, “it’s food, case management, trauma-informed treatment, employment, and career readiness training.”

Long after Williams graduated from the program, it continues to thrive.
Williams is just one of many who have seen how many families have regained their footing.

Kool Kiy, a resident of New Jersey who is also a generous donor, founded an apparel and footwear company that has since become quite successful.
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Kiy gave the children of St. Joseph’s Hospital gifts totaling thousands of dollars.

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David Timmons, a member of the York Street Project, explained, “Our family had relatives that needed these services and we chose to give back they helped us out.”

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