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HomenewsOne More New York Career Criminal Goes on a Murdering Spree

One More New York Career Criminal Goes on a Murdering Spree

A professional criminal killed New Yorkers. Thus, another week in NYC.

Roland Codrington was arrested on Christmas Eve for stabbing James Cunningham outside the bar. He returned days later with a baseball bat and a pit bull and assaulted the female bartender because he “felt insulted,” according to the NYPD.
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He stabbed two customers who helped her. Codrington reportedly killed Bruce Henry at a park after they survived.

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Codrington has a lengthy rap sheet. That includes knife robbery and knife assault in 2006 and 2009, two assaults in 2012, illegal possession with a knife in 2013, two attacks with weapons in 2017, one in 2021, and “several vehicle-related arrests” this year.

He was freed from prison in April 2021 after serving three-to-six years for gun possession, not the first time.

Codrington had a warrant before his stabbing spree. In true New York fashion, Codrington was free to stab many people shortly before Christmas because New York can’t be bothered to keep career criminals off the streets no matter how violent, unstable, and unreformable they are.

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Not new. A registered sex offender on lifetime parole for sexual assault in New York City assaulted a man and placed him in a coma but was released without bail. Another man had been arrested 41 times and was striking people in the face on the street.

This year’s NYC subway shooter has a 1990s felony record. Austin Simon, a parolee for assaulting a police officer, threatened a bodega worker, who killed him in self-defense.

“Criminal justice reform” in New York means releasing most convicts without bail.
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New York City, for example, lets citizens fight for themselves while charging law-abiding residents for self-defense.

The state and city don’t care about crime prevention or justice. Another preventable killing spree ensues.


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