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A New Jersey Woman Was Sentenced to Three Years in Jail for Using a Phoney GoFundMe to Earn More than $400,000 for a Homeless Veteran.

This combination of pictures given by the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office in November 2018 depict Johnny Bobbitt, Katelyn McClure, and Mark D’Amico. Bobbitt is the homeless veteran who admitted to working with the New Jersey couple McClure and D’Amico in a $400,000 GoFundMe scheme.

On Friday, a New Jersey woman who faced theft charges after she and her boyfriend created a false GoFundMe to defraud contributors out of $400,000 was sentenced to three years in state prison.

Katelyn McClure, 32, was already serving a year in federal prison on charges linked to the case. The Associated Press reports that McClure was sentenced to three years in state prison on Friday for stealing charges.

According to the Associated Press, McClure and her ex-boyfriend Mark D’Amico fabricated a narrative in November 2022, saying that a homeless veteran called Johnny Bobbitt Jr. gave McClure his last $20 after her car ran out of gas.

McClure, D’Amico, and Bobbitt all went as far as giving television and print interviews in support of their campaign which they titled “Paying It Forward,” according to the AP. Police began investigating when Bobbit sued D’Amico and McClure, saying that he did not receive the money from the campaign, the AP reported.

In 2019, D’Amico was sentenced to five years in state prison simultaneously with a 27-month federal sentence, while Bobbit was sentenced to federal and state probation.

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