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The March 31st Deadline is Approaching Quickly for South Carolina Residents to Claim Their $800 Tax Rebate.

If you live in South Carolina and owe taxes for the year 2021, you have until the end of the first quarter of 2023 to file and be eligible for a rebate of up to $800.

The amount of this rebate that each applicant receives is tied to their individual tax situation.
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According to the department, a person’s tax liability is the amount of South Carolina state income tax that they are responsible for paying in the upcoming fiscal year (2021).

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According to the South Carolina Department of Revenue, residents will receive a rebate of up to $800 if their tax liability is more than $800, and the same amount if it is less than $800.

All residents of South Carolina who file their taxes by February 15, 2021, will be eligible for this rebate.
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All recipients will receive their rebate checks in March.

However, if a resident has an outstanding individual income tax bill with the SCDOR, the amount of the rebate may be less than the tax liability. This deficiency will be deducted from any rebate the recipient may receive.

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The SCDOR’s prior deadline was October 17, 2022. Those who had filed their 2021 taxes by the end of the year had already received their refund.


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