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When Travelling Through New Jersey, I Was Wondering if It Was Legal to Carry Pepper Spray.

In a world where it is tragically necessary, knowing how to defend yourself is a vital skill.

The phrase “we live in different times now” has been used how many times?
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My mother frequently regaled me with tales of her carefree childhood in Brooklyn.

As a result of the spike in kidnapping and other violent crimes, most parents are understandably wary about letting their children go out alone.

Sadly, you need to take precautions in today’s environment.
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Being a woman of diminutive stature, I find this sentiment especially resonant. Everyday tasks like walking a long distance to the garbage can or back to your car late at night require extra vigilance on the part of women.

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Several compact but effective self-defense tools are available for purchase. Some of my pals have self-defense keychains or pepper spray in their bags.

To my knowledge, these are illegal in some jurisdictions. Even online sales of these products are prohibited in some states. But, are these instruments allowed to be used in NJ?

Pepper Spray: is It Okay to Carry in Nj?

The Law Firm of John Zarych states that pepper spray is illegal in the state of New Jersey; however, there are exceptions and other important details to this rule.

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You must be at least 18 years old, have no criminal record, and your pepper spray must weigh less than.75 ounces, according to the website. It is against the law to use pepper spray for criminal purposes.’

If I Lived in New Jersey, Could I Legally Carry a Taser?

Yes. A taser or stun gun is illegal to carry in public in the United States under the Law Shield program.

Be sure to do your research and consult an expert before buying a taser or stun gun, as the rules governing these weapons are more complex than those governing pepper spray.

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Eventually, I’d like to see a world where people don’t need to resort to such measures for their own safety, but until then, it’s important to take precautions and know your options.


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