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A New Jersey State Senator Says He Is Leaving the Republican Party to join the Democrats.

State Senator Samuel Thompson of New Jersey announced on Monday that he is leaving the Republican Party and would run for reelection this year as a Democrat.

Thompson, 87, stated in a phone interview that he left the Republican Party after party leaders questioned his suitability for office due to his advanced age.

“The treachery of so many of my pals was too much for me,” he stated. “I will not leave the party. My party’s leadership has abandoned me”

The Democrats’ advantage in the state Senate would increase from 24 to 25 seats if Thompson were to leave the 40-member chamber.

Rob Bengivenga, chairman of the Middlesex County Republican Party, stated that although he viewed Thompson as a friend and mentor and wanted him to be a part of the party’s future, leaders decided to back another candidate for state senate.

“I had hoped that the Senator would embrace it and serve as a mentor and counsellor throughout the years,” he added in an email statement.

In a statement, Democratic Governor Phil Murphy welcomed Thompson to the party and described him as a diligent public worker.

Thompson, a former research scientist and Army veteran, hopes to seek for government in the upcoming legislative election. He stated that, unlike some politicians who are also employed in other capacities, he is a full-time legislator.

“It is my existence. It gives me something to do each day when I wake up and head to work to assist others. The alternative is to stay at home and await death? “I must be active,” he stated. “I believe I am performing a public service.”

Thompson, a supporter of former President Donald Trump, stated that Trump’s administration was successful. Thompson paused when asked how he could fit into the Democratic Party with this viewpoint.

“Everyone has the right to their own decisions and actions,” he stated.

Thompson represents the 12th Legislative District, which encompasses portions of the counties of Burlington, Middlesex, Monmouth, and Ocean.

This year, all 120 seats in the Assembly and Senate are up for election. The Republican primary is scheduled for June, when Thompson may have faced a primary opponent had he continued to run. It is unknown whether Democrats will challenge him in the party’s primary.

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