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HomenewsA Senior Couple From Upstate New York Loses $24,000 to Scammers

A Senior Couple From Upstate New York Loses $24,000 to Scammers

An elderly New York couple lost $24,000 to a bail money scammer who pretended to be the couple’s grandson calling from jail.

As reported by The Star’s David Luces, three individuals pretended to be the couple’s grandchild and stole bail money by posing as their family.

It seems the grandparents got a call from someone they thought was their grandson in jail, saying he had been in an accident and needed bail money.

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After the grandparents agreed to pay, another con artist traveled to their home to collect $9,500. The con artists called the couple twice more, each time pretending to be the grandchild and asking for more money.

The couple from rural New York lost $24,000 altogether.

Law enforcement agents intercepted a call from the scammers when they called for the fourth time and ultimately detained three individuals.

Three men, all in their twenties: 23-year-old Joel Mathilda from the Bronx, 28-year-old Fermin Vazquez from New Jersey, and 23-year-old Davide Invidia Arias from Florida.

Over $25,000 in cash was recovered at their Syracuse Airbnb, leading police to speculate that there may have been further victims.

Three of them were charged with third-degree grand larceny and fifth-degree conspiracy.

This serves as a helpful reminder to remain on guard against scammers at all times. A daily call concerning “your car’s extended warranty” is an example of a scam that is easy to spot and avoid.

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But some cons are much more aggressive than this one is, and they may try to appeal to your emotions to trick you into giving over money. If someone calls you up and asks for money, especially if it’s several thousand dollars, you should always exercise some skepticism.

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