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A Girl in New Jersey Needs a Kidney Transplant to Save Her Life, So Her Family Set Up the Registration Website “Kidney 4 Bella.”

During this time of year, a family in New Jersey is praying that a miracle would occur in order to preserve their daughter’s life.

Bella Prado has been fighting a lifelong struggle with chronic kidney failure due to the fact that she was born with triple X syndrome.
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Prado explained, “Sometimes I am nauseous, and the pain in my leg becomes so severe that I am unable to move.”

Now, the doctors have determined that Bella requires a new kidney, and they are looking for a living donor.

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Since she is on the national registry yet there are hundreds of people ahead of her on the list, her family has decided to take control of the situation themselves.

They developed a website and started an Instagram account called Kidney 4 Bella, where individuals may sign up to determine whether or not they are a suitable donor for Bella’s kidney.

Carolyn Prado, the biological mother of the children, remarked that “it would be the finest thing someone could ever do.” “I beg God to look out for our best interests.”

Now that the holiday season has here, Bella has only a single request.
“To live a longer life while maintaining my health,” Bella explained.


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