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A Community in Upstate New York That Has Proved Itself to Be Among America’s Top 10 Pizza Capitals

In my opinion, pizza is the one type of dish that any city would love to be recognized for. CBS News has released a list of the finest “pizza cities” in the United States, and a city in Upstate New York made the cut.

Find out which city received this honor and where it stands among the best in the United States.

The Greater Buffalo Region in New York State Is Considered One of the Greatest Pizza Cities in the United States.

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A report from CBS News detailing the top ten “pizza cities” in the United States was featured in an article from Upstate New York. In the top ten is Buffalo, New York, which was ranked as the ninth-best pizza city in the United States by recent research.

Clever Real Estate’s data was used as the foundation for CBS News’s rankings. According to the analysis, a total of 1,000 U.S. citizens were polled and data from Google Trends, and Yelp, the number of pizza joints per capita, pizza prices in each region, and the cost of shipping were all taken into account while creating the rankings.

Other Major American Cities That Received High Marks:

  • Metropolitan Area of Detroit, Michigan
  • Connecticut’s Hartford
  • Greater Boston Area
  • The Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, Arizona
  • City of Brotherly Love: Philly
  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • The Mile High City of Denver, Colorado
  • The city of Miami, Florida
  • Location: Buffalo, New York
  • Greater Pittsburgh Area

There will undoubtedly be some “snubs” whose city did not make the cut. New York and Chicago are two of the most famous pizza destinations in the United States, but New Haven, Connecticut is often recognized as one of the most undervalued places for pizza lovers.

The reasons for not including the aforementioned three were clarified.

Factors such as a low concentration of pizza joints per resident (as in Chicago) and high average order sizes (as in San Francisco) kept some cities from making the cut (like NYC).

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To be considered one of the greatest in the United States, you had better have great pizza at a fair price and plenty of competition in your city.

Buffalo, New York, may boast more than the rest of the Empire States because it met several of these criteria.

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