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HomenewsA Building Fire in Chinatown Has Left 10 People Injured

A Building Fire in Chinatown Has Left 10 People Injured

On Friday afternoon, a fire ripped through a structure in Chinatown, causing injuries to several persons.

A gift shop on the ground floor of 47 Mott Street was the origin of the fire, which rapidly spread to the rest of the building.

It was reported by FDNY Assistant Chief of Fire Operations Thomas Currao that “strong fire conditions in the front” greeted the firefighters upon their arrival. “Really difficult situation; occupied building with flames racing up the front.

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Fewer lives were lost thanks to the prompt response of the firefighters who arrived, stretched the lines, and entered the building.”

Several fire trucks came at the burning building, their sirens wailing as smoke billowed out the windows. It was visible from a distance of many blocks.

According to the FDNY, two civilians and eight firefighters were sent to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Morgan Norwood of Eyewitness News was told by a lady who said she leaped from the building’s fire escape.

Danny Chen’s mother, who is 80 years old, was on the third level when the fire broke out.
“Firefighters brought her down; she can’t see a thing; when she opened the door, the whole building filled with smoke,” Chen said.

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Residents also came to the aid of their neighbors, supplementing the efforts of the fire departments.

One of the males assisted two women to escape down the front fire escape wearing only an orange robe and slippers. They were able to escape unharmed thanks to the tiny child of one of the women.

At the end of it all, the gift shop was destroyed, and t-shirts and coffee cups were scattered across the street.

The fire department is investigating the cause.
We’ll be here for a while,” FDNY Assistant Chief Paul Miano stated. Our fire investigators are already on the scene and will continue their work there.

Meanwhile, residents of the 21-unit building that was destroyed start the long road to recovery. The Red Cross was there to help by providing warm blankets, hot beverages, and referrals.

The fate of Chen and his brother’s third-floor flat is still unknown, but they have what’s truly important to them.

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That my mother is safe, at least, is the only good news,” he sobbed.

Authorities have stated that they have found no evidence that a lithium-ion battery was the cause of the fire.

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