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Zac Efron: ‘Baywatch’ Workouts Caused Depression, Insomnia

Zac Efron reveals the cost of Hollywood perfection after 15 years.

In a Men’s Health cover story, the “High School Musical” graduate said his “Baywatch” diet and workout routine caused him sadness.

“I had insomnia and long-lasting depression. “It burned me out,” Efron said. “I couldn’t refocus. Too many diuretics for too long messed something up, they said.

Due to his exercise program and production schedule, Efron admits to overtraining, eating the same three meals daily, and sleeping only four hours per night.

“The ‘Baywatch’ look isn’t attainable,” Efron said. “The skin is dehydrated. It’s phony; CGI. Lasix, a diuretic, was needed. That’s unnecessary. I prefer an extra 2-3% body fat.”

Zac Efron

Even when Zac Efron started to feel like himself again six months after the last day of production, he continued to seek solitude.

The “Greatest Beer Run Ever” star continued, “At one point, that was a dream of mine – what it would be like to not have to stay in shape all the time. What if I just tell myself, ‘Fuck it,’ and let go? I gave it a try, and it worked.

And despite my expectations that it would be amazing, I was just miserable. I didn’t feel alive, and neither did my body feel in good health. I experienced slowness and clogging.

Zac Efron

Efron didn’t feel like himself for six months after production was finished, and even then he continued to try to disconnect.

What it would be like to not have to stay in shape all the time was once a dream of mine, the “Greatest Beer Run Ever” star added. What if I simply tell myself, “Fuck it,’ and let myself go? I gave it a try and was successful. I was miserable despite all the reasons I had assumed it would be amazing. I didn’t feel alive, and my body didn’t feel healthy. I experienced sluggishness.

After moving to Australia, Efron briefly adopted a vegan diet and overcame his self-described agoraphobia. By April 2021, the Internet was awash with speculations that Zac Efron had undergone plastic surgery.

Even Efron’s mother called him to inquire about whether he had surgery. Efron revealed that he fractured his jaw, and the injury caused his masseter muscles to appear swollen. To restore his cheeks, Efron continues to receive physical treatment.

Zac Efron

Efron claimed, “The masseters just grew.” They simply grew extremely large.

He concluded by saying, “If I appreciated other people’s opinions of me as much as they might think I do. Without a doubt, I couldn’t complete this task.


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