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HomenewsYou've Never Heard of New Jersey's Best Luncheonette.

You’ve Never Heard of New Jersey’s Best Luncheonette.

Despite its reputation as one of New Jersey’s top dining establishments, you’ve probably never heard of this eatery.

If we’re being honest, I don’t know a whole lot about what is likely New Jersey’s largest ecosystem.

When I was a kid, my family and I used to drive to Sea Isle City through Route 49, which took us through a good chunk of the Pine Barrens.

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To that point in the trip, all I knew was that we were nearly at the shore and that the area was rumored to be the Jersey Devil’s territory.

Did you know that the Pine Barrens are believed to be home to one of the top-secret eateries in the entire state?

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The morning salads, bacon and eggs, and cinnamon rolls here are legendary, and the place itself is a local landmark.

It’s possible you won’t find a more genuine version of southern classics like biscuits and gravy anywhere else in New Jersey.

I think it’s nice that they’ve really embraced the Jersey Devil theme here. There’s even a market where you can buy Jersey Devils’ paraphernalia!
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Is There Really a Delectable Restaurant Hiding in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey?
Despite its proximity to the Jersey Devil’s lair, Only In Your State claims that this diner is located in Ocean County.

You should check out Lucille’s Luncheonette if you haven’t already.

The satisfied patrons of Lucille’s Luncheonette, located at 1496 Main Street in Barnegat Township, keep coming back for more.

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It seems like every time I visit New Jersey, I have to add another restaurant to my list of must-try hidden gems.

I’m meeting you for one of Lucille’s enormous, delicious burgers.


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