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HomenewsWho Is Tiger Woods's Girlfriend: The Couple Made Their Relationship Publicly!

Who Is Tiger Woods’s Girlfriend: The Couple Made Their Relationship Publicly!

Golf fans around the world follow Tiger Woods’ every move whenever he hits the links. The golfing world took note when the great golfer arrived at the President’s Cup in September 2017 with a new lady friend, Erica Herman. Unlike Woods’ prior relationship with Lindsey Vonn and his extremely famous marriage and divorce from Elin Nordegren,

Woods and Herman have kept their relationship fairly discreet over the years, but Herman has been a regular sight at the course whenever Woods has competed. There are very few public sightings of the couple outside of golf-related events, and Herman has no social media profile beyond appearing three times on Woods’ Instagram since October 2017.

Who Is Erica Herman?

Who Is Tiger Woods's Girlfriend

Tiger Woods, a legendary golfer, was rumored to have gotten another “birdie” after being seen cuddling up to a beautiful woman on the course. The celebrity was photographed in October 2017 with Erica Herman in New Jersey, where he was cheering for the United States as they won the Presidents Cup. Erica, who oversaw operations at his temporary eatery named The Woods, wore a “player spouse” badge normally reserved for husbands and spouses.

That November, the couple announced their romance to the world. She later supported him at the Tour Championship in East Lake, Georgia, where he won his record-breaking 80th PGA. Although she was once called a “money digger” who “chased Tiger like a puppy,” she is now revered as the person who ultimately saved the life of the golfing legend.

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Net Worth of Tiger Woods

Despite his golfing career being put on hold after a vehicle accident in February 2021, Woods is said to be leading “a great life” off the course with long-term partner Herman and their children, Charlie and Sam. In June 2022, Forbes reported that Woods’ estimated net worth had reached $1 billion,

joining the ranks of LeBron James and Michael Jordan as the only three billionaire athletes in the world. Who is the woman who has been Woods’ constant companion since 2017? Learn all about Erica Herman, from her humble beginnings at a diner to her current life on the PGA tour as Tiger Woods’s girlfriend.

Almost Five Years Had Passed Since They First Met.

Who Is Tiger Woods's Girlfriend

In September 2017, Woods and Herman made their public debut as a couple at the President’s Cup, when Herman wore a “player spouse” credential typically reserved for the spouses or significant others of the event’s players and captains. According to, Herman was not only seen on the course with Woods during the competition but also at the opening ceremonies with the spouses and girlfriends of the U.S. squad.

Exactly one month later, the couple went public with their relationship on Instagram by posting a photo of themselves together at Dodger Stadium for a World Series game. Although Woods and Herman wore matching Dodgers jerseys in an Instagram shot, he did not mention or tag Herman by name. In 2018, a close friend of Woods told PEOPLE, “No one has signed any paperwork” regarding the pair. “They are not making a solemn vow of devotion to one another. But Tiger thinks she’s great since she’s so sweet.
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“Tiger doesn’t want to be alone,” the pal continued. “But he isn’t one to accept mediocrity. No more. Because of this, he has to feel strongly about the person he is with at all times.” Over time, Herman made his way to Woods’s luxurious home in Jupiter, Florida. “They live together at his place now,” a close confidante of the golfer told PEOPLE.

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Herman Has Lived in Florida Since She Was a Child

Herman has lived in Florida since she was a child, so moving in with Woods wasn’t what brought her there. In the early 2000s, Herman was a cheerleader at Santaluces High School in Palm Beach County, where she grew up, as reported by the Palm Beach Post.

Herman attended Palm Beach State College and the University of Central Florida, both located inside the state of Florida, where she grew up. According to Heather Smith, UCF’s associate director of public relations, the student received her bachelor’s degree in legal studies in May 2008.

She Has Prior Experience Working In The Food Service Industry.

Who Is Tiger Woods's Girlfriend

Herman has a background in law but has worked in the hospitality industry for the better part of her career. During her time at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Herman worked as a bartender before being promoted to VIP manager at the Blue Martini lounge, according to a former coworker who spoke with Page Six. According to court documents, Herman and two business partners and a local investor tried and failed in 2010 to build a chain of nightclubs in Florida.

The Woods Jupiter, Tiger Woods’ flagship restaurant, debuted in August 2015 at Harbourside Place in Jupiter, Florida, and she eventually became the general manager there. Apparently, Herman first started working with Woods there, as former restaurant worker Luke Copeland informed Page Six.

The History of Their Relationship

Despite having been married for six years, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren filed for divorce in 2010. Since then, he’s slept with a wide variety of people, from pornstars to club girls Tiger and girlfriend Kristin Smith called it quits in August of 2017. According to Radar Online, the golfer’s personal stylist in Dallas suspected he was cheating on her after his spring DUI arrest and had cried herself to sleep. Since then, rumors in the United States have circulated that he and fitness model Laci Kay Somers went out drinking together.

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Woods Dated Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn.

Who Is Tiger Woods's Girlfriend

Woods’s vehicle accident in February 2021 was much aided by her assistance.
After Woods’ automobile hit a center divider and rolled over on February 23, 2021, in Los Angeles, he faced a difficult path to recovery. According to his agent Mark Steinberg, he suffered “several leg injuries” in the accident, including fractures to his right tibia and fibula as well as further injuries in his foot and ankle, all of which necessitated surgery.

After the injury, Woods didn’t know if he’d be able to walk or play golf again; he may have even lost his right leg. However, Woods said in an interview with Golf Digest that Herman, who was photographed with him at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center the day after his accident, was important in his recuperation.

“I was curious as to whether or not I still had control of my digits. My girlfriend Erica Herman and my friend Rob McNamara would even bring me food to eat in the hospital “What Woods had to say. Say it with me, “Throw me anything.
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” After months of rehabilitation that Woods called “more painful than anything I’ve ever experienced,” the golf legend made his return in December 2021 at the PNC Championship alongside his son. Herman, Woods’s daughter, and Nordegren were all there to show their support from the stands.


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