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Who Is Steven Singer: The Reason Why Men Dislike Steven Singer!

You may be asking who it is that has such strong feelings about Steven Singer that they have erected billboards to express it. The famed jeweler has benefited greatly from the attention garnered by the black-and-white billboard reading “I HATE STEVEN SINGER.”

The advertising concept is ingenious, but is there any truth to it? In this article, we’ll examine the history behind the “I HATE STEVEN SINGER” movement and the meteoric rise of one of Philadelphia’s most renowned jewelry designers. Allegedly, a dissatisfied client sent in the phrase “I HATE STEVEN SINGER.”

Who Is Steven Singer?

Who Is Steven Singer: The Reason Why Men Dislike Steven Singer!

A man, it is said, bought his wife a ring from Steven Singer Jewelry to commemorate their twentieth wedding anniversary. The ring was well-received by the wife, and the happy couple soon found themselves expecting a third child. Although they adored their child, the client was not happy with having to change diapers at all hours of the night, which led to his dislike of Steven Singer.

The website for the company says, “Nine months later, the couple goes through the door to show Steven their new baby.” Spouse gushed, “I love Steven Singer!” “Here we go again,” the man said.
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Changing diapers and feedings keep us up all night. Extreme Dislike for Steven Singer! There you have it. Reasons, why guys dislike Steven Singer, told in tale form. And that’s why girls go crazy for him and his sparkling jewelry!”

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Early Life.

It’s hard to tell if the story is genuine or not, but either way, it’s fascinating. The hope is that the piqued interest will bring customers in. Over time, the billboard has been updated to include the company’s website. It could be a trick, but it does the job. The advertising promotes love by using the term “hate,” which means the exact opposite. I don’t know what else to call that besides genius.

From his beginnings as a lowly jeweler in Philadelphia, Steven Singer has worked his way up to the position of an industry leader. In October of 1980, Steven Singer established Steven Singer Jewelers on Philadelphia’s prestigious Jewelers Row. At the age of 22, Steven opened the tiniest storefront on Jeweler’s Row, making him the youngest first-generation jeweler there.

Their Bussiness.

Who Is Steven Singer: The Reason Why Men Dislike Steven Singer!

Yet, he was unfazed by the challenge. His website boasts, “The store immediately established a reputation as the place to go for the most fun you’ll ever have… buying a diamond. Singer established the Philadelphia Jewelers Row Association (PJRA) six years after the store’s opening to regulate the behavior of its members and handle their business needs. Steven is a current member of the Association’s Board of Directors.

It had been 15 years since Steven first opened his jewelry shop, but in that time he had built a reputation as a top jeweler on a national scale. His website boasts “some of the highest sales per square foot in the nation,” attesting to the store’s popularity. Steven was invited to become a member of the largest jewelry consultancy firm in the world. Being the only jeweler in the area to be invited, he now has access to exclusive information that will help him better serve his clientele.

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Steven’s Strong PR Operations.

Who Is Steven Singer: The Reason Why Men Dislike Steven Singer!

Steven’s strong PR operations propelled him to international prominence. Steven’s advertising can be heard “over the world” thanks to satellite radio, the site boasts. Steven was asked to give the commencement speech at Philadelphia University‘s 132nd Commencement because of his professional achievements. To the graduating class, he remarked: Feel your feelings, keep going, and deal with challenges head-on. The road to success is often paved with seemingly insurmountable barriers and detours.


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