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Who Is Max Dupri? The ‘Unnecessary’ Rebranding of WWE Smackdown Star LA Knight!

In his official WWE Smackdown debut, former NXT standout LA Knight (real name Shaun Ricker) made waves due to his new ring moniker, Max Dupri. Models who can walk in Paris Fashion Week are what he’s seeking as CEO of the hottest new modeling business Maximum Male Models.

The 39-year-old pro wrestler was hired by Sonya Deville for Smackdown in a video broadcast on the WWE Twitter account. Adam Pearce then adds in the video that he would consult with his attorneys about the problem. Despite multiple fruitless efforts, “Max Dupri” was convinced that Pearce could not pronounce his name correctly. The news that WWE has given “LA Knight” a new ring moniker was met with outrage on social media. The reason behind Toni Storm’s departure from the WWE remains a mystery. ‘Could absolutely lead an entire division,’ say fans of her work.

Who is Max Dupri?

Who Is Max Dupri? The 'Unnecessary' Rebranding of WWE Smackdown Star LA Knight!

For his WWE Smackdown debut on May 20, LA Knight will go by the moniker Max Dupri. He was once a member of WWE’s NXT division. James Storm and Jermaine Dupri were both NWA World Tag Team Champions. He also held the title of Impact Wrestling’s Impact Global Champion at one point. The Rock, a former professional wrestler, serves as the host of the TNT reality series “The Hero,” which featured Max Dupri.

During WrestleMania 38 weekend last month, Dupri’s final NXT match took place at Stand & Deliver. Gunther beat him in the competition. He had previously participated in dark matches and dark segments before the SmackDown programs that aired. Until February 2021, Dupri used the alias Eli Drake when he signed with WWE. Please refrain from renaming wrestlers who have already had their names changed.

WWE Changed La Knight’s Name to Max Dupri.

Who Is Max Dupri? The 'Unnecessary' Rebranding of WWE Smackdown Star LA Knight!

The WWE Smackdown debut of LA Knight has been renamed, and the internet has reacted. “They renamed LA Knight as Max Dupri. I despise everyone who contributes to the script of this show, for the love of God. #SmackDown with each and every one of them although LA KNIGHT is so fantastic, the name will go away,” one user wrote as another shared, “and he’ll get the dreadful f**king name.

” How can you complain about Max Dupri when LA Knight was the name of an NHL franchise? In the meantime, a person tweeted, “WWE changed LA Knight’s name to Max Dupri. Seriously, Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard should be f**ked. A f**king joke, this corporation. More and more customers will turn away from your poor f**king product if you keep making name changes that aren’t essential.

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Why Did La Knights Go Out Of Business??

Who Is Max Dupri? The 'Unnecessary' Rebranding of WWE Smackdown Star LA Knight!

After then, “Max Dupri??” was said. Why did LA Knights go out of business?? Does WWE already have that name? The reboots are being re-started now? Someone else put it this way: “Put a mic in that man’s hand and watch the money print itself, Max Dupri, LA Knight, Eli Drake.” ‘Max Dupri?’ was the conclusion of one fan. Is LA Knights the team’s new moniker? Even if it’s not an awful name, I’m confused by the practice of renaming wrestlers who had their names changed when they first entered the company.


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