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Who Is James Goldstein: Contractors and Plans Are Still an Issue for Him to Deal With!

More than 1,000 revelers were intoxicated last year at the Halloween party of elderly man James Goldstein, 80. Leonardo DiCaprio bumped into the singular host at LACMA’s Art + Film Gala two days later, straddling the realms of entertainment, style, sports, art, and architecture like no one else in Los Angeles.

He recalls telling Goldstein, “I wanted to invite you, but I didn’t have your number.” Then, he says, ‘I wore a mask.'” To my surprise, I found out that Jamie Foxx was there as well, but in an unrecognizable outfit. Sandra Bullock, a neighbor from Goldstein’s Beverly Crest neighborhood who had been invited, was conspicuously absent.

Goldstein Hypothesizes.

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Goldstein hypothesizes that she may have been the one to call the police over a noise complaint, but admits, “I can’t say with any proof.” For those who admire or despise him, Goldstein’s frizzy-haired, springy-stepped, designer-leather-soled, or brilliantly contrasted tennis attire is the ideal octogenarian. He estimates his net worth to be “in the vicinity” of $100 million as a real estate investor. What’s more important is the freedom that comes with his fortune:

the ability to nurture an attitude that was formerly referred to as insouciance but is now known as an IDGAF mindset among the young and trendy circle he surrounds himself with. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to sit courtside at the Staples Center in his characteristic peacocking gear, you’ve come to the right place! The Sheats-Goldstein Residence, constructed by famed midcentury architect John Lautner and featured in 1998’s The Big Lebowski, is on the to-do list today, as it has been since the 1970s.

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Deal with Contractors.


Even though he’s been working on a Lautner-Esque entertainment complex for 15 years, he still has to deal with contractors and plans. Goldstein had to demolish an actual Lautner in order to accomplish this. Conservators froze. According to Goldstein, the late architect gave him his blessing.

The complex’s top floor includes a tennis court with an infinity edge that was constructed in phases. A European-style discotheque dubbed Club James can be found below. In 2015, he threw Rihanna a surprise birthday party to celebrate her 30th birthday. The ultra-narrow lap pool will shortly be constructed on the ground floor.

Particularly Widespread.

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This sort of pool wasn’t particularly widespread at the time I had it designed,” he laments. “All these $30 million spec houses will have them by the time I’m done.”
Afraid of being labeled a “restorer,” Goldstein paid $182,000 for the main house in 1972 and claims that the Sheats family’s design included numerous tasteless features, such as wall-to-wall green shag carpeting that was “nearly hilarious” in its awful taste.

For those NBA games he can’t attend, a theater and guest house will be added to the new complex’s final phase. It is Goldstein’s concern that he may not be able to finish the projects because of his age. While everything is going on, the main house is still booked several days a week for shooting, mostly for fashion and advertising. According to the type of production, the cost can vary greatly.

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The Location to Host.

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Since then, he’s determined never to allow the location to host another wedding ceremony. He doesn’t want it to be an altar, says the never-married, matrimonial-averse Goldstein, who hosted adult-film sets in the 1990s. “An after-party is fine with me.” Rappers like Snoop Dogg and G-Eazy in their music videos and pornographer Jackie Treehorn in The Big Lebowski have all used the mansion as a setting for their fictional hideouts.

Even though the film has been associated with some of cinema’s most notorious criminals in the past, Goldstein says, “People come over here dressed as characters from that movie.” Although he “can’t understand” why the James Bond producers have yet to inquire about using what he believes is the archetypal site for an evildoer’s lair after 25 films, this is what he has to say:

In spite of his fancy façade, Goldstein has a controlled disposition and speaks in a low-key drone. He is content with being viewed as a villain, whether as a go-his-own-way preservationist, a basketball enthusiast who despises his community, or a litigious businessman. According to him, “the villains always dwell in modern houses and the heroes live in the white picket fence home.” “This is how things are.”

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