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Who is Dirty Diana Based on? What Did Michael Jackson Have to Say Regarding Dirty Diana?

Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana was released on April 12, 1988. Many admirers have hypothesized over the years that the song may be about Diana Ross.

Who is Dirty Diana?

From Michael’s upbringing until his passing, she maintained a close bond with him. Others thought the song was about the late Princess Diana.

Prior to one of his shows, Princess Diana reportedly begged him to perform the song, but he declined due to her presence in the audience.
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However, Michael disputed that the song was about a specific person.

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What Did Michael Jackson Have to Say Regarding Dirty Diana?

According to the official website of the late performer, Michael did not create the song about a specific “Diana.”

In a statement provided by the site, he stated, “It was not about Lady Diana.”

“It was about specific kinds of girls that stick around concerts or clubs, you know, they call them groupies.”

He proceeded: “This has been a constant throughout my life. These females… they do everything you could imagine with the band.”

“I cherish Dirty Diana. That’s one of my favorites because it’s a life story of a groupie – I hate to mention the word ‘groupie’, but that’s what it is,” he remarked.

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What Are the Words to the Song Dirty Diana?

The opening phrase of Dirty Diana is “oh no, oh awful.”

Michael begins the first verse by stating: “You’ll never convince me to remain / So take your weight off of me / I know your every move / So why won’t you just leave me alone / I’ve come here twice before / But I was too blind to see / That you seduce every man / This time you won’t seduce me.”

The pre-chorus follows, with: “She’s saying, ‘That’s okay / Hey, sweetie, do what you like / I have the stuff that you want / I am the thing that you need / She gazed deeply into my eyes, touched me to begin, and declared, “There is no turning back.” She entrapped me in her heart.”

The line “Dirty Diana” is repeated numerous times throughout the chorus.

The second stanza reads, “She adores the boys in the bands / She knows when they arrive to town / Every musician’s admirer when the curtain falls / She waits at backstage doors for those with the prestige / Who promise money and fame, a carefree life.”

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The pre-chorus and chorus that follow are somewhat modified from the original.

Michael then transitions into the bridge, singing, “She said, ‘I have to go home / ‘Cause I’m real tired you see / Now I hate sleeping alone / Why don’t you come with me?

‘ / I said, ‘My baby’s at home / She’s probably worried tonight / I didn’t call on the phone / To say that I’m okay.'”


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