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Who is Courteney Cox Married to? How Did Courteney Cox and Johnny Mcdaid First Meet?

Since the debut of its first season in 1994, the American comedy series Friends has been a fan favorite. Since the fans have endeavored to follow the lives of the cast members both on and off the program.

Courteney Cox, who portrayed Monica Geller on the show, has had numerous high-profile romances, including her marriage to now-ex-husband David Arquette, which produced a daughter.

The actress has been dating Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol for about a decade, and the couple has become a fan favorite.

How Did Courteney Cox and Johnny Mcdaid First Meet?

Although the story of how the couple began dating is not of the Cinderella variety, it is undoubtedly among the most intriguing.

Since the first time they were in the same room together, Cox had a small crush on McDaid. The second time around, her celebrity buddies made sure the Dirt Star went on a date with her dream man.

In December 2013, they were spotted attending Jennifer Aniston’s holiday party together, sparking dating suspicions. The couple’s attendance at other gatherings confirmed that they were dating.

The singer-songwriter proposed to Courteney during her 50th birthday party in June 2014 after obtaining permission from Coco, the actress’ daughter with her ex-husband.

On occasion, the television personality recalled her daughter’s talk with McDaid. “He proposed to your mother and presented her with a diamond ring,” she recalled. “She said, “Great, tomorrow I’m going camping.” Let’s do it immediately.'”

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The Annulment of the Engagement Did Not Derail the Relationship

In November 2015, the couple called off their engagement owing to problems surrounding Thanksgiving.

According to reports, the breakup was precipitated by a disagreement over where to reside. Courteney desired to reside in Los Angeles, while Johnny desired to relocate to the United Kingdom.

The pair reconciled quickly and reconnected in March 2016 to celebrate Easter. Courteney described her split with McDaid as “very terrible.” In the same year, while filming an episode of NBC’s Running Wild With Bear Grylls, she revealed the true reason for her breakup with the Don’t Give In singer.

“There is something about… well, he is Irish. And his perspective on love is priceless…. I did not know how to view love as he does “Courteney had then explained.

She stated that once they started dating again, the relationship took on a “new context” and began to seem “quite different.”

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McDaid has always demonstrated his affection for the Scream actress, whether via words or acts. “I am certain that I have never loved a lady as I do this one.

If that is sufficient, then that is sufficient “he had said in May 2016. He even got Cox’s initials tattooed on his wrist later that year.
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Courteney stated in the Summer 2017 issue of NewBeauty that, in addition to the daughter she has with her ex-husband, she would like to have a child with her current fiancé, Johnny.

“I could carry another person’s egg. I may be one of the elder participants, but I would love to do it with Johnny “Cox informed the publication at the time. She said, “I realize it’s insane, but I would.”

The former Friends star was frank about a variety of topics, including her boyfriend’s distaste for physical beauty.

She continued by stating that it’s the same for her and that it goes beyond physical attraction for both of them. However, she also feels fortunate, as she finds McDaid extraordinarily attractive and seductive.

The Couple Does Not Feel Pressured To Get Married Just Yet.

While the couple was engaged to get married in 2014, their decision to call off the engagement in 2015 may have dampened their wedding enthusiasm as they are not keen to get married in the near future.
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In January 2022, when asked by People if she might ever be married again, Courteney responded: “I’m not sure.

I have absolutely no objections to it. I simply don’t consider it.” There is no question that their connection has grown stronger over the years, but marriage is not currently in the cards.

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Cox and her daughter Coco have always been welcomed by the singer’s family with open arms. They enjoy Christmas together in Johnny’s house in Ireland, but there is no assurance of where the pair will reside after their marriage.


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