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When in Idaho, if You See Orange Paint in the Woods, Get Out of There Fast!

More than 64,000 people moved to Idaho that year. There is no mandatory “Welcome to Idaho” orientation other than learning the state’s traffic laws in order to obtain a driver’s licence.

Nonetheless, perhaps there ought to be. Cross-country runners from outside of Idaho may interpret orange paint on a tree, post, or ground as a warning of impending danger.

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It’s possible that this is still the case, given that we’re only about 20 years removed from our ’90s-era cross-country career, but it’s also possible that the meaning has changed in Idaho.

When perusing the driver’s licence migration data compiled by the Idaho Transportation Department, you’ll find that Texas is among the top eight states sending people to Idaho.

The “purple paint law” exists in the Lone Star State of Texas. An individual can use purple paint to mark trees and posts on their property to indicate that trespassing is prohibited under this law.

Despite claims on dozens of websites that Idaho, like many other states, has a “Purple Paint Law” requiring “NO TRESPASSING” signs to be painted in purple, we were unable to locate any statutes or laws substantiating this claim.

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The reason for this is that in Idaho, “NO TRESPASSING” signs are painted in ORANGE. The state of Idaho allows private landowners to discourage trespassing without resorting to the use of traditional “no trespassing” signs by instead painting the corners and boundaries of their land in fluorescent orange at the points where they intersect with public ways like roads, gates, and rights-of-way.

If the private property borders a public area, the fence posts on the public side will be marked with orange paint.

If you enter the orange-painted zone, you’ll be in trouble. You might end up paying a pretty penny for that! Criminal trespassing without damage carries a potential $300 fine. It’s even worse if you actually DO cause damage.

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You could spend up to six months in jail and/or have to pay a fine of $1500 to $5000. That the penalties, both judicial and financial, increase in severity with each new offence.

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