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Homenews80% of Taiwan's ATMs Will Provide Access to the NT$6,000 Tax Rebate

80% of Taiwan’s ATMs Will Provide Access to the NT$6,000 Tax Rebate

The Ministry for Digital Affairs estimates that about 80% of Taiwan’s ATMs will allow users to get the anticipated NT$6,000 (US$199.71) tax rebate (MODA).

The rebate would be especially helpful to disadvantage and vulnerable populations, according to a MODA release from Thursday (Feb. 2). It is thinking of ways to pay the members of these groups without requiring them to register first by depositing money into their accounts directly.

According to MODA, vulnerable populations in rural areas ought to benefit economically as well. Concerns about rural populations lacking access to these alternatives led to the discussion of means other than online registration and ATM deposits, according to the press release.

Shihzih Township in Pingtung County and Wanrung Township in Hualien County, however, do not have post offices for the in-person collection of the surplus, according to the Financial Supervisory Commission, but they do have ATMs.

The country’s sole township without a post office or an ATM is Jinfong Township in Taitung County. A decision on how to allocate the surplus in these regions is currently being discussed by the Cabinet, according to MODA, who added that this will happen soon.

On January 4, the administration declared it will give the public NT$140 billion of the previous year’s surplus tax money. The tax rebate should be delivered at the earliest by April, according to Premier Chen Chien-jen (), who stated this on January 31.

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