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When Did CCR Break Up? What Was the Real Cause of Their Breakup?

Creedence Clearwater Revival would have been known for more than just a handful of excellent singles if it weren’t for the infighting, pressure, lousy deals,’stolen’ songs, and one control-freak member’s ambition to run the whole show.

Creedence Clearwater Revival was, for three consecutive years, 1969–1971, America’s most popular band. Creedence headed in the other direction of the rest of the rock scene, which was tripping through the turn of the decade while wearing psychedelic glasses and pushing back musical limits wherever they could find them.

John Fogerty, the band’s main songwriter, singer, and guitarist, rediscovered rockabilly and rhythm and blues. Their music was evocative of the musical ethos of the American South; it was straightforward, brief, hard-driving, expressive, and infectious. The band was nicknamed “swamp rockers” by commentators, despite the fact that none of its members had ever visited the bayou. None of them had ever traveled further than their home state of California.

“Who Is Ccr”?

When Did CCR Break Up?

Creedence This American rock group from El Cerrito, California went by the names Creedence Clearwater Revival and CCR. John Fogerty (lead vocals, guitar, and principal songwriter), his brother Tom Fogerty (rhythm guitar), Stu Cook (bass), and Doug Clifford (drums) were the original band members. After four years of consecutive chart-topping success, CCR split up bitterly in late 1972.

Tom Fogerty had departed the band the year prior, and John had been at conflict with the rest of them regarding commercial and artistic control, leading to a number of litigation between the disbanded members. To begin their careers, John Fogerty, Doug Clifford, and Stu Cook all met in Portola Junior High in El Cerrito, California.

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What Is the Issues of Their Relaiosnhip?

The Blue Velvets were a trio that, before John’s brother Tom joined the band, played instrumentals and “jukebox standards” and provided backing on records and live performances. Casey Kasem, who worked at KEWB in Oakland,

heard the band for the first time when they had already issued three singles. They inked a deal with San Francisco’s indie jazz label Fantasy Records in 1964. The label’s national success with Vince Guaraldi’s rendition of “Cast Your Fate to the Wind” enticed the band to sign with the company.

Their Past Breakup

When Did CCR Break Up?

John Fogerty‘s solo career kicked off in 1973 with the release of The Blue Ridge Rangers, a self-contained album of country and gospel covers. But Fogerty owed Fantasy eight more records under the terms of his original CCR deal. He ultimately decided not to sign with the record company. This stalemate was finally broken when David Geffen of Asylum Records paid $1 million to acquire Fogerty’s contract.

John Fogerty, his lone album for Asylum, came out in 1975. Centerfield, his next #1 hit, topped the charts in 1985. However, Fogerty had vocal issues that he blamed on having to testify in court and received complaints from fans during his 1986 tour because he refused to perform any CCR songs.

We Need to Know Why They Decided to Part Ways.

A Majority of Sources Indicate, “in the Beginning, John Was the Group’s Songwriter, Producer, Arranger, Vocalist, Guitarist, and Teacher of Parts.” This Is (what I’m Gleaning From) His Autobiography. He Also Took Charge of Contract Negotiations for Ccr, Where His Naiveté Led to His Giving Away the Majority of Publishing Income. Additionally, His Retirement Savings Were Wiped out By a Record Label Swindle. as They Neared the End of The Trip, He Became Increasingly Jaded.

In His Perfectionist Mind, His Band Mates Were Lazy Bums Who Didn’t Care About Their Music and Were Just There to Get High and Sleep with As Many Women as Possible Instead of Working to Get Better at What They Did. Since the Arguments Between Stu, Doug, and Tom Were Getting Increasingly Heated, His Brother Tom Eventually Gave up And Stopped Participating.

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The Album’s Tracks Alone?

When Did CCR Break Up?

Stu (bass) and Doug (drums) Saw Themselves as Songwriters and Producers Who Could Compete with John, and They Became Quite Vocal About Having Their Song Featured on The L Ps, Further Dampening the Mood. John Stepped Back and Let Them Create, Arrange, Sing, and Produce All of The Album’s Tracks Alone; He Merely Contributed Lead Guitar.

the Album’s Reception Was Terrible, so Be Cautious What You Ask for (wiki Quotes Jon Landau, “the Worst Album I Have Ever Heard from A Major Rock Band”) in Many Ways, This Was the Final Act. The Information Came from John’s Book, as I Mentioned Before. There Are Other Publications out There that Feature the Commentary of Stu, Doug, and Tom, Who Have a Very Different Perspective. You Be the Judge…


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