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What is the Pokémon TCG Silver Tempest Release Date? Everything to Know

With Scarlet and Violet set to debut very soon, the Sword and Shield era of Pokemon is coming to an end. The Pokemon TCG Silver Tempest set is scheduled for release soon to close out the generation.

We have all the information you need on Silver Tempest’s release date, pre-order procedures, and anticipated card list to help you get ready for what is expected to be one of the biggest sets of all time.

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We have all the information you need about the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games, including starting Pokemon’s appearances, a list of the game’s legendaries, and a look at all the new Pokemon that have been unveiled for the Paldea region. Next year, you’ll see them on cards!

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Pokemon TCG Silver Tempest Release Date

According to GfinityeSports Even though Lost Origin only recently hit store shelves, Silver Tempest’s release date has already been made known. On November 11, 2022, Silver Tempest will go on sale, just ahead of the global release of Scarlet and Violet.

What is the Pokémon TCG Silver Tempest Release Date?

Due to shipping and allocation restrictions, some products may not be available in the UK until later in the month of November, but the majority of the products will be accessible starting on November 11.

How Many Cards Are in the Silver Tempest Expansion?

Over 190 cards will be available for collection in the Pokemon TCG Silver Tempest expansion. The card list will be full of great additions for both collections and competitive players, according to a breakdown released by the Pokemon official website. The confirmed card types that will be present in Silver Tempest are listed below.

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  • Over 190 new cards
  • 3 new Radiant cards
  • 6 new VSTAR Cards
  • 15 new V cards and 1 new VMAX card
  • 30 new Trainer Gallery cards
  • Over 15 general Trainer cards

Though it is still too soon to know all that will be on the card list, a few Pokemon species have already been confirmed to appear in the TCG expansion.

Which Pokemon Are Confirmed for the Silver Tempest Expansion?

The Pokemon that will be featured in the new card list are listed in alphabetical order below.

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What is the Pokémon TCG Silver Tempest Release Date?

  • Lugia VSTAR
  • Alolan Vulpix VSTAR
  • Serperior VSTAR
  • Unown VSTAR
  • Mawile VSTAR
  • Regieleki VMAX
  • Regidrago VSTAR

Despite the fact that there is still plenty to discover about the new Pokemon TCG Silver Tempest expansion, it appears like the cards that have already been released will give players a tonne of fresh alternatives for competitive strategy. As new details come to light, this list will be updated as well.


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