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What Happened to the Owners of Juniper Hill Inn? Reality TV Series Set in Hotel Hell!

What Happened To The Owners Of Juniper Hill Inn: The Juniper Hill Inn is a 110-year-old hotel in Windsor, Vermont, and it was featured in the American reality television series Hotel Hell, produced by Gordon Ramsay.

Fans of the series have pondered What Happened To The Inn’s Owners for some time. If you are interested in learning What Happened To The Owners Of Juniper Hill Inn, read this article for all the information.

Juniper Hill Inn

The Juniper Hill Inn is a historic hotel in Windsor, Vermont that dates back 110 years. The Inn was purchased for $1.6 million in 2005 by Robert Dean 2 and his boyfriend, Ari Nikki. The building is 15,000 square feet and sits on 14 acres of land.

The hotel was featured in the American reality television series Hotel Hell, in which Gordon Ramsay remained at the hotel in an attempt to change its misfortunes. Initially, it aired on August 13, 2012, however it was shot in early 2012.

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What Happened To The Juniper Hill Inn’s Owners?

During Gordon Ramsay’s visit to Juniper Hill Inn, he discovered that the property required extensive renovations.

And he compelled the owners of the Juniper Hill Inn to apologize to the staff for failing to pay them on time and failing to tip them. Gordon dubbed a bar in the second dining room Blue Bar since it was in such fantastic condition throughout the dining room’s renovation. As they prepared to reopen, they held a Sunday evening service.

While everything was going smoothly, a member of the staff asked Ari and Robert to remove their dog, which they argued about.
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On the other hand, Gordon made Robert apologize for his ranting.

In spite of this, the hotel was forced to close in April 2014 as a result of its owners’ $1,1,000,000 debt. In July, Ari was detained for assaulting a police officer.

Juniper Hill Inn Owner

From 2012 to 2013, Robert Dean 2 and Ari Nikki were the owners of the Juniper Hill Inn; however, the inn was later closed due to a bank foreclosure due to Robert and Ari’s substantial debt.

In 2014, the new owners purchased the Juniper Hill Inn at a foreclosure auction for $405,000. Then, the name was changed to Windsor Mansion Inn.

When business was booming, the new proprietors of the hotel changed the establishment’s name and prices. Even the cheapest rooms at Windsor Mansion Inn cost $150 per night.

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Juniper Hill Inn Massacre

Season 1 of Hotel Hell, a reality television series created, hosted, and narrated by Gordon Ramsay, began filming at Juniper Hill Inn.

The Juniper Hill Inn may be found in Windsor, Vermont. Although it aired in August 2012, the actual filming began in early February 2012, with Gordon Ramsay’s first visit.

Reality TV Series Set in Hotel Hell

Hotel Hell was an American reality television series broadcast in English. From 2012 through 2016, Gordon Ramsay created, hosted, and even narrated three seasons for Fox Network.

Mark Burnett developed it. There are three seasons totaling 22 episodes. Juniper Hill Inn was the first hotel they visited and broadcast about.

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It was shown nightly at 8 p.m. ET/PT. In this series, Gordon Ramsay will travel across the United States to visit hotels that are struggling with their accommodation facilities and attempt to fix their problems.


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