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Twenty-seven States Are Increasing Their Food Stamp Bonus Program to Help Feed Residents

Double-up Food Bucks

Due to recent hikes, SNAP participants know that feeding a family on food benefits is difficult. Due to rising food prices and the termination of COVID-19 pandemic emergency allowances, families may receive less money in 2023.

However, Double Up Food Bucks will stretch your SNAP dollars. SNAP members get discounted produce from participating retailers and farmers’ markets.

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The New York Double Up website says you can “have one apple a day into two apples a day” with every dollar you spend.

These 12 States Participate in Double Your Fruit and Vegetable Money.

The US Double Up program has grown dramatically since 2009. Despite having similar projects, not all states give these perks. The Double Up Food Bucks states and daily spending maximum are listed below:

  • Alabama: EBT cards can spend $20 per day.
  • Arizona: $20 daily SNAP Quest Card spending limitations.
  • California: $10 daily CalFresh EBT money.
  • Colorado: $20 daily Quest Card payment.
  • Hawaii: DA BUX SNAP money One transaction per SNAP card per day gets 50% off local produce with Double Up Food Bucks.
  • Idaho: Farmer’s markets and businesses sell Quest Cards.
  • Indiana: St. Joseph Community Health Foundation matches up to $20 daily SNAP spending.
  • Iowa: Match $10 ETB Card money per visit.
  • Kansas: Match $25 daily SNAP/EBT Card funds.
  • Massachusetts: EBT recipients get 50% off produce.
  • card, $5–$10 depending on the region.
  • Michigan: Match $20-a-day bridge card payments.
  • Mississippi: Match $20 daily SNAP/EBT payments.
  • Missouri: Match $25 daily SNAP/EBT card payments.
  • Nebraska: SNAP/EBT payouts up to $20 per day.
  • Nevada: SNAP/EBT payouts up to $20 per day.
  • New Hampshire: 50% off EBT payments up to $20 per day.
  • New Jersey: Good Food Bucks matches SNAP/EBT.
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  • New Mexico: Matches SNAP/EBT card money.
  • New York: Daily $20 SNAP/EBT card match.
  • North Carolina: $20 daily SNAP/EBT card payouts.
  • North Dakota: Matches SNAP/EBT payments up to $10 per trip.
    Stores have different programs.
  • Oklahoma: $20 per day to match SNAP/EBT card payments.
  • Oregon: Matches daily SNAP/EBT payments.
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  • South Dakota: Matches $20 SNAP/EBT payments per visit.
    Tennessee: $20 SNAP/EBT payouts per day.
  • Texas: Matches $30-per-day Lone Star SNAP card.
  • Utah: $30 daily SNAP/EBT Horizon card.

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