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The Royal Treatment’s Ending, Explained: Did the Prince Cancel His Wedding for Love?

Netflix continues to be intrigued by the Cinderella story, despite the world’s desire to never return to the monarchy system. The prince’s love for a commoner is the same story as in “The Royal Treatment.”

The commoner, Isabelle, is a New York hairstylist who encountered Prince Thomas of Lavania while he was in need of a haircut. Izzy is introduced as a happy-go-lucky young woman who enjoys making everyone around her smile right away in the movie. She even offers complimentary donuts to residents of her area as a sign of her generosity. The entire movie “The Royal Treatment” makes me uncomfortable, thus it’s a royal bore!

‘The Royal Treatment’ Plot Summary

Izzy’s family ran a salon, but the building’s electrical system was in disrepair. The outcome was that the salon caught fire, and Izzy was forced to make up for the cost of Doug’s losses.

When Izzy had to use the money she had saved to tour the world to pay for the damage, everyone in the salon felt sad. While in New York, the Prince of Lavania decided to get a haircut before a meeting. By mistake, Walter, his assistant, called Isabelle’s salon rather than a more opulent establishment with a similar name.

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Izzy consented to give a haircut in exchange for $500, and her family was overjoyed about the new chance. After meeting the Prince, Izzy showed off her understanding of the royal protocol. As soon as a housekeeper accidentally dropped a teapot, she began cutting his hair.

The Royal Treatment

Izzy left the hotel before finishing the haircut because she was horrified by the housekeeper’s mistreatment. She thought that when the housekeeper was insulted, the Prince ought to have intervened.

Prince Thomas paid her a visit at the salon as she berated her coworkers about her royal client. He expressed regret to Izzy for the earlier situation and wished she would complete the haircut. Izzy follows the Prince to the metro, and as she does, the two chuckle briefly.

The Royal Wedding

The Prince’s impending marriage to the affluent LaMott family’s daughter presented a dilemma in this unmistakable love story. Walter suggested Isabelle’s salon when Lauren’s (the Prince’s fiancée) mother was unable to arrange a consultation with the greatest hair and makeup artist.

Additionally, the Prince endorsed Isabelle’s salon. They were hired by the LaMotts to provide the official hair and makeup for the royal wedding. Izzy and her colleagues were brought to Lavania for the royal wedding. They developed a love for the castle and its aristocracy.

Izzy made an effort to make the housekeepers feel at ease despite the fact that she was totally disgusted by the way they were treated. The Prince and his bride-to-be, however, had little interest in one another because they were not in love and were only getting married to appease their parents.

How Did Izzy and Prince Thomas Fall in Love?

The housekeepers, gardeners, and guards became close friends with Izzy. She recognized them by name, which astounded the Prince. The Prince understood the value of treating everyone around him fairly after meeting Izzy. He followed his parent’s instructions, but Izzy forced him to consider his actions.

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The Prince went out with Izzy one night when she wanted to experience the city’s nightlife. The town was split into two sections. Music was audible from the opposite side of the town, which was located beyond the railroad tracks, while the area where the wealthy lived was asleep.

Izzy was informed by the Prince of the potential danger in that area of the town, but she chose to ignore him. To his amazement, he discovered that the local peasants were frolicking, singing, and dancing. Izzy joined in on their country dance, and the Prince eventually danced in partnership with her.

The Royal Treatment

The two thoroughly relished the festivities. Izzy was shown by the Prince a starry night sky full of magic. Izzy and the Prince talked about the regular people’s needs while they gazed at the stars. He has the resources and authority to effect change. The Prince subsequently noted that, even without money or power, one may affect change if they so desired.

Izzy motivated him to be a change-maker because he thought she had what it took to do it. Later, Izzy gathered gifts for the schoolchildren who resided beyond the tracks. By giving her furniture that wasn’t being utilized in the palace, the Prince assisted her. Izzy and Prince Thomas were spotted by Lauren’s mother as Izzy was doing Thomas’s hair in a picture that was taken while the two were assisting and feeding the schoolchildren.

‘The Royal Treatment’ Ending Explained

The picture Lauren’s mother took was featured in a tabloid. The royal family was utterly shocked by the news. Izzy was let go from her position and they wanted Thomas and Lauren to get hitched without any fuss.

When Prince Thomas objected, his father admitted that they were in need of the LaMotts’ financial assistance since they were indigent. The land beyond the rails was supposed to be sold to LaMotte. They would evict the locals and construct a lavish structure for themselves. The Prince was surprised. He was helpless because if he didn’t marry Lauren, his family would perish, but if he did, he would consent to the devastation of the commoners’ lands and give up his love for Izzy.

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While the Prince was getting ready for the wedding, Walter admitted that he had to leave his girlfriend in order to pursue a life of material success even though he had every luxury imaginable. Now he understood that without love, even the most luxurious existence is meaningless. He, therefore, counseled the Prince to avoid making the same error that he did. Walter was thanked by the Prince for his candor.

He then spoke with Lauren. Lauren concurred that she was not prepared for marriage either. After that, she spoke with her mother. Izzy admitted to her mother that she did not want to be a hairdresser and would now be in charge of community service as her family was enjoying Doug’s failure. It was her means of bringing about the change she wished to see.

Izzy was thinking of the Prince as she strolled outside the home and observed the stars. The Princess was riding a horse when she heard it approaching.
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He recreated Izzy’s favorite memory of her father taking her for a ride on a horse and later giving the horse and Izzy gelato.

He declared his love for Izzy, and the two kissed to show their affection. Izzy was ultimately taken on a horseback ride by the Prince as her friends applauded and celebrated the union.

The Royal Treatment’s epilogue reveals that the Prince visited his castle with Izzy and brought Walter and his girlfriend back together after a long separation. Lauren will finally be able to launch the company of her dreams. The inhabitants continued to live happily ever after even though the land beyond the tracks was not sold.


The movie doesn’t explain how a complex problem like inflation was solved or why the LaMotts decided to leave the country. It is obvious that the Prince did not give up his title or the privilege that came with it.

It merely focuses on the love tale, where the relationship between a commoner and the Prince takes center stage, leaving many unsolved concerns. With a clear plot and a disastrous attempt to infuse sentimentality about how the Prince felt trapped by his royal duties and how Izzy transformed his perspective by introducing him to the world outside the castle.


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