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The North Jersey Area Now Has a Dedicated Facility for the Treatment of Eating Disorders.

PARAMUS—A Bergen County eating disorder treatment center opened last month.

Deborah Visconi, President and CEO of Bergen New Bridge Medical Center in Paramus, said eating disorders are mental and behavioral health conditions that many people live with daily.

When we opened the facility, we discovered that eating disorders are the second greatest cause of mortality among mental health patients, after opiate overdose. Visconi called it a major sickness.

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She said that 375,000 New Jerseyans have an eating issue and 900,000 will develop one.

The Paramus facility provides assistance to individuals who need them.

Eating Disorder Symptoms?

Visconi stated food is about the individual. But indicators include food avoidance, a lot of toilet time, avoiding certain foods, weight loss, abnormal weight gain, real anorexia, hair loss, skin color change, cavities from excessive vomiting, and behavioral changes.

Eating Disorder Sufferers?

Adolescent and pre-adolescent girls have eating issues, according to Visconi. She now sees older kids, adults in their 20s and 30s, LGBTQ, transgender, and young men with the condition.

“So, it’s truly crossing all kinds of socio-economic and demographic characteristics than we’ve seen,” she said.

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They may be more conscious of it than before. However, more people are now confessing to having an eating issue.

She claimed it was once a stigmatized disorder, therefore many didn’t acknowledge to having it.

Expectations at the Center?

Visconi said a psychiatrist runs the center. The facility employs social workers, nurses, dieticians, nutritionists, and other medical experts to provide a variety of services to these patients.

Beyond counseling. Eating disorder rehabilitation involves nutrition. Medical aspects matter. She noted eating disorders often cause metabolic diseases, heart troubles, and other medical ailments.

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Non-Bergen County residents can use the center. Visconi plans to add evening and weekend hours as the center grows.

The North Jersey Area Now Has a Dedicated Facility for the Treatment of Eating Disorders.

Our center accepts all insurance applicants, which is unique.
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“We are probably the only one in this region that accepts persons with no insurance, underinsured, and government insurance,” Visconi added.

Nobody is Denied. Open 24/7.

She stated these services should be available to anyone who needs them.
The center launched last month to favorable reviews. Visconi hears “It’s about time” often.

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Taboo disease. It’s not understood or handled.

The facility receives referrals from community health and mental health providers. She thinks the center will improve feedback.

Should You Detect an Eating Disorder?

If you or someone you suspect has an eating issue, get them assessed as soon as possible so proper care and therapy can begin.
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Life-threatening eating disorders American eating disorder victims die every 52 minutes, according to Visconi.

We encourage everyone to get treatment, even if they suspect a problem. “Getting help isn’t shameful,” Visconi remarked.


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