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HomenewsThe New Kensington Social Security Office is Relocating to Harrison's Heights Plaza.

The New Kensington Social Security Office is Relocating to Harrison’s Heights Plaza.

A government spokeswoman confirmed that the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) New Kensington office, which had been there for nearly 40 years, will be closing and relocating to the nearby city of Harrison.

USGSA spokesman Will Powell said that the agency has signed a lease at the Heights Plaza building in Natrona Heights.

After CVS relocated to a new facility on neighboring Freeport Road, the space at 1721 Union Ave. has been vacant and is now being converted into an office.

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Powell explained that the relocation was necessary so that the Social Security Administration would have “updated space that fits their current requirements.”

Benbrook Realty Investment Co., the plaza’s owner, did not return calls seeking comment.

Located at 707 Fifth Avenue, close to Seventh Street, and right next door to The Corner, Penn State’s business hub, is the present New Kensington Social Security office.

Powell did not provide any details about the closure or opening of the New Kensington office.

Shawn Fordham, regional communications director for the Social Security Administration, stated, “With these problems, we have many issues that have to be worked out, and we are at the beginning of some of the issues.”

There is currently no planned deadline. The current building will serve our needs for the time being, so we won’t be moving anytime soon.

Around the country, you can find one of almost 1,300 Social Security offices.

You can apply for a Social Security number, review your earnings history, apply for benefits (including Supplemental Security Income, hospital insurance, and help with Medicare prescription drug costs), enroll in a health plan, get assistance applying for food stamps, and more at your local Social Security office.

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According to Powell, the administration has been renting space in the New Kensington area for the past 38 years. In 2017, the facility was purchased by the Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corp.

According to Alicia Henry, the IDC’s head of marketing, the government has not yet issued an official notice that it will be vacating the premises. It is required that they provide at least 120 days’ notice, she said.

Henry was unable to speculate on the building’s future use by the IDC once the office vacates.

People in New Kensington had a range of emotions to the news of the migration.

Patty Reimer, the owner of Cleopatra’s, a hair salon across the street, expressed regret at the impending closure of a neighboring business.

Reimer has noticed a steady stream of customers, mostly retirees, waiting to utilize the office.

She mused, “I have to wonder what they’ll put in there.”

As the office moves out, it will free up parking spaces for SoCal, Memory Lane Flower Shop, and Eazer’s Restaurant & Deli, all of which are located in the same building owned by Sean Watson.

I’m totally pumped. They are a burden on parking,” he complained. I hope they have a lot of success with the parking lot at Heights Plaza.

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Sue Anderson, from Brackenridge, visited the New Kensington Social Security office on Wednesday. For the first time in quite some time, she had to make the trip, she added.

Anderson, who relies on a walker, had to maneuver over a high curb when he parked on the street in front of the office.

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