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HomenewsThe new governor of Pennsylvania has promised to increase marijuana amnesty programmes,...

The new governor of Pennsylvania has promised to increase marijuana amnesty programmes, and part of that is increasing the availability of resources in Spanish.

The newly elected governor of Pennsylvania has stated his intention to emphasise increasing access to marijuana pardons, which includes promoting tools in Spanish to reach more people with qualified convictions.

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Governor Josh Shapiro (D) discussed the pardon initiative started by his predecessor through the state Board of Pardons in an interview with AL DA (BOP).

I’d like to expand upon what’s already there with that plan. I hope it goes on for a while. To paraphrase his words, “I want to see more folks be able to obtain support to earn a pardon as a result of it,” adding that he thought the project was “very perplexing for people” when it was introduced under previous Gov. Tom Wolf (D), which contributed to disappointing clemency results.

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It was difficult for people to determine if they qualified or not, Shapiro said in an interview recorded before his inauguration and published last week.

More work needs to be done in languages other than English to spread the word about this initiative and its benefits. So that we can better serve groups that have been left behind in the past, we plan to release a lot more content in Spanish.

Wolf and his Democratic lieutenant governor, John Fetterman, oversaw a pardon effort that received thousands of applications but only granted clemency to little more than two hundred people.

A quarter or more of the 2,540 pardons issued by Wolf, the most of any governor in the state’s history, were granted to persons with prior marijuana offences, so the previous administration did work proactively to assist relief in other ways.

Former state Attorney General Josh Shapiro has the support of advocates who are hoping he would carry on the legacy of legalising cannabis in his home state that he began last session.

The marijuana pardons project will be given more attention by his government, he promised.
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“Under the leadership of Austin Davis, my lieutenant governor, you’ll see that happen,” he added. As a result, “perhaps more individuals will qualify, more people will receive a pardon, and more people will have this clean slate so that they may move forward.”

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I have strong feelings about this, he said. And I believe what we need to do is build on the excellent work that Governor Wolf has done to explain the regulations, clarify the process, make it speedier, and be able to grant more people the pardons that I personally believe they deserve.

In addition, the newly elected governor ran on a platform that included a more expansive legalisation of marijuana.

But as things stand now, it’s still against the law in Pennsylvania for anyone over the age of 21 to smoke weed.

Whether or not the legislature is ready to act on cannabis in the new session remains to be seen, particularly in light of the ongoing uncertainty about the makeup of the legislature, which has been complicated by the fact that Democrats gained seats in the House in the most recent election but have since lost ground.

Since Election Day, two Democratic members have resigned to take other seats, and one has passed away.

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Musicians at last week’s inauguration party for Shapiro brought up marijuana legislation, with Wiz Khalifa at one point encouraging anyone over the age of 21 to smoke cannabis despite the state’s continued prohibition.

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